Microsoft LYNC with HP/H3c gateway

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There are no good configuration guides for HP-H3C router to LYNC on the web. :(

Big statement, but we havent been able to find one yet. We did find the following document useful, but the information was not enough to use H3C router for use as a LYNC gateway: https://devconnect.avaya.com/public/download/dyn/HP_MSR-30.pdf

We tested in our LAB, and it is working, here are the settings that you need:

Firstly you need to enable dns

 dns proxy enable
 dns server x.x.x.x
 dns domain fabrikam.com

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If you not enabling DNS the incoming calls dropping from LYNC server.

Secondly make VOICE setup:

 cptone country-type HU
  source-bind signal ipv4 x.x.x.x
  source-bind media ipv4 x.x.x.x
  sip-domain fabrikam.com
  default entity fax protocol standard-t38
  default entity fax protocol standard-t38 hb-redundancy 0
  default entity fax protocol standard-t38 lb-redundancy 0
  entity 10002 pots
   line 4/0:15
   undo register-number
   send-number all
   description call for ISDN
   match-template .T
   outband nte
   no shutdown
   undo vad-on
   compression 1st-level  g711alaw
   compression 2nd-level  g711ulaw
  entity 10003 voip
   address sip ip port 5068
   transport tcp
   codec transparent
   url sip
   fax baudrate disable
   description inside umbers
   match-template 4...
   outband nte
   undo vad-on
   compression 1st-level  g711alaw
   compression 2nd-level  g711ulaw

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Lync working only with RTP NTE DTMF relay, so need to send the calling number via RTP packets. For outbound calls need to configure 'send-number all' command. In the lync we not using +164 numbers.

Most important thing, that you need to protect your device from hackers, you need to put behind a firewall the gateway or need to create access-list for voice devices.

acl number 3101
 rule 100 permit ip source
 rule 150 deny ip

interface Ethernet0/1
 firewall packet-filter 3001 inbound

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If you have any problem with the ISDN you able to debug:
debug isdn q921
debug isdn q931

more informations about ISDN Switch Types, Codes, and Values please refer http://docstore.mik.ua/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/software/ios100/dcr/36305.htm

If you have any problem with the SIP you able to debug:
debug voice sip all
debug voice ccm all

Useful if you mirroring the port of the router and capture the SIP packets, it gives more informations about the problem. For capture data we use wireshark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4joaL0Pks1Q
It is possible to debug in the LYNC server for SIP errors, the LYNC server logging tools installed default, for more informations please refer this page:

If you want to view on-line the log you need:
terminal debugging
terminal monitor

TLS and SRTP not working at the latest image.

More informations about H3c voice gateways:

Here is the lync site where you find the Microsoft certified gateway list:
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