Create Email Groups in Outlook 2010 and Apple IOS Mobile Devices

Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed-Retired
This is a procedure to create Group Email Folders in Outlook 2010 and Apple IOS Mobile Devices.  It requires a received email containing a group of email contacts in the email TO window.  These are email addresses you want to use to create a new email group.


Open Outlook 2010
Click on the mail module located at bottom left side of the page.
Then Select an Email Message sent to a Group
In a Received Email Message containing a group of names in the TO window:
Right click on an individual name in the TO window.
Click > Add to Contacts, an individual contact window will open.
Complete any additional info and save.
Select the next name and continue with each additional name selected.
These names will be added to Outlook's contact group.


Outlook 2010

First it should be noted:  The Address Book is Outlook's collection of Contact Groups.  Outlook searches through these groups when you type a name in the "To" window.

Open Outlook 2010
Click on the contact module located at bottom left side of the page.
Now, create a Contact Group that will contain the addresses added to the Contacts folder from the group email.
This procedure is performed in the Contact Module.
Select the Outlook 2010 Contacts Group from the lower left box in the Outlook window.
In the Top Banner select Home>New Contact Group>
Name the Group>Select Add Members from top banner.  
Now Select the Address Book, again in the top banner.
In the Address Book Window, In the drop down box listing, select the Outlook Contact Groups.
In the listing that opens, highlight the names to be added. (Control Click)
At the bottom of the page,  select >members
Click OK.  At the top left of the window click Save & Close
The new email addresses are added to the New Contact Group.

Select the Outlook 2010 Mail Module
When creating a new email enter the name of the New Contact Group which will be listed as a selection.


This procedure requires an Apple ICould Account and  the installation of the Ipad Control Module on the Desktop PC.
In the ICloud Control Module, select the check box >Mail, Contacts, Calendars, & Tasks.
This will link to Outlook 2010 and display ICloud in the top banner of Outlook 2010.

Apple's mobile IOS devices cannot create group mail.  But third party Itunes Apps are available that will create the IOS Mobile Device Email Groups.  And these third party email groups can be selected from the IOS Mobile Devices Contact Folder when sending new mail.  

This is very helpful if you need to periodically send email messages to a large group.  This procedure transfers a listing of verified group email contact addresses to your IOS mobile device from your PC.  Entering them manually could cause the group mail message to abort, should the group contain an incorrect email address.  Not to mention the time required to create a large message group manually.   Of course this requires someone to manually create the address group and send the first email.  If your lucky enough to receive a copy of a group email message, this procedure is for you.  I have found it is difficult to create an email group manually on an Ipad or Iphone.

Open  Outlook 2010

Select the ICloud Contacts Module
From the list of Names on the top most heading>Select ICloud.
Then Select > Create New Group
Enter a name and a new Group will be created and listed as one of the ICloud Contact Groups.

Select Outlook 2010's Contact Module.  
This is the location of the new contacts you previously added from a group email TO window.  They need to be copied to the new Icloud Group.  
Highlight all of the names to be added to the Icloud Group Contact.  Using a shift or control click (for windows) select  the names and drag them to the New ICloud Group (choose copy).
Open the new ICloud contact group and verify that the new email contacts have been added.

Example of my Contact Module:

My Contacts
        Suggested Contacts
        Kiwanis Group Mail

The Apple ICloud system will now copy this new ICloud Group to your IOS devices.  This is not an IOS Group mail folder.  It is a listing of all the contact names you wish were in a Group mail folder that could be selected to send email.   You will need a third party app from Itunes that can use this listing to create a group email listing in the IOS Mobile's Contact folder.

I use MailShot.   It is able to copy the addresses from your newly created Contact Group transferred to your IOS mobile devices Contact Folder.  MailShot creates a new Group Mail which can be added to a new email message’s “TO” window.

In MailShot:
Create a new name for your contact group.  Do not use the same name as the transferred group.  When adding new names in the new group window, select IMPORT at the bottom left of the screen.  It will open a window and you can select the transferred group created in Outlook.
Select “Add” at the top left of the window.  The names will be added.
Select “Update” at the top left of the window.
The new Apple Ios mobile device group mail will be created.
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed-Retired

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