Office Web App server 2013 and Sharepoint 2013 - making them work together.

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Sharepoint 2013 Server and Office Web Apps 2013 Server should work well together, so, what is with : 'Sorry there was a problem word cannot open..' and 'You do not have permission while opening PowerPoint App'. Well, that is what happened in one project, and thought I would share my findings.

The main purpose of this project was to make the office web apps like ‘word, powerpoint, Excel, one note’ to work with sharepoint 2013.  My test environment was working fine where I used ‘http’ to access my sharepoint and office web apps 2013.  For my test environment I followed ‘‘.  

The day I started to use the SSL with both sharepoint 2013 and Office web apps 2013, I could no longer see my web apps work.  I had followed all the "nice" articles:
But, everytime I opened the web app from sharepoint 2013 (documents) I got few Errors namely:
- Word ran into problem, can’t open the file, try opening the file with Microsoft word.
- Sorry there was a problem, word can’t open the file.
- While opening power point.  You do not have permissions….
I checked the logs from office web apps server under  ‘C:\ProgramData\Microsoft \OfficeWeb Apps\Data\ Logs\ULS’ and found many logs of interest. In particular one message stood out ‘connection was refused ‘localip:80”, also many logs entries complained about my certificate.
Points to check:
- Make sure the certificate is a UCC certificate.  In my case I installed one certificate which was issued to my office web apps server Example: Generate the request from a physical machine instead of a virtual machine, went into comodo ssl site included the name of the office web apps server and my sharepoint server names in the ‘subject alternative name section and under the main domain name I used ‘officewebappSERVER.mydoma’.  import the whole certificate chain your personal store of both servers.  In office web app server do not bind the certificate manually follow the article:
- In my case in sharepoint 2013 I had in alternate access mappings as default = ’ http://sharepointservername2013′; and in internet = ’ https://sharepointservername2013.  
I had to remove https://sharepoint2013servername from the internet section and had to change the default to https://sharepointserverna me2013.myd
This fqdn ( made the difference all my web apps started to work.
Other Problems:
Under the sharepoint 2013 now the links to skydrive, newsfeed and sites still bound to http://sharepointservername and would not work.
On sharepoint 2013 go toCentral Admin – Manage Service Apps – Click your User Profile service app.  In here you will see a link for Setup MySites.  This is where you need to update your URLS for skydrive, newsfeed, sites etc.

Hope some of the above might help you solve or avoid some of the problems I had experienced.
After Upgrade with SP1:

After installing SP1 for Sharepoint 2013 and Office Web Apps 2013.  while you click on the any office document from sharepoint 2013 you get 'sorry there is some problem'

In my case the farm was re-created and the link to the certificate was broken.
On Office web apps server 2013 open powershell as an Administrator:
It will give you 'warning farm does not exist'
1) Create farm as:
In my case the internal and external address for office web apps servers is same.
New-OfficeWebAppsFarm -InternalUrl https://OFFICEWEBAPPSSERVE R2013.mydo -ExternalUrl https://OFFICEWEBAPPSSERVE R2013.mydo -EditingEnabled -Allow Http:$true
2) PS C:\Users\administrator> import-module OfficeWebApps
PS C:\Users\administrator> Get-OfficeWebAppsFarm
Now there is no CertificateName, set the existing certificate as:
Set-OfficeWebAppsFarm -CertificateName 'UCCNew' (UCCNew is the name of my certificate)
You are all set, restart and wait about 30 min.
-check in sharepoint central administration for any service which needs attention.
Hope that helped.
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure Admin

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