PaperPort - Blank Page Job Separator with Duplex Scanning

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Joe Winograd
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PaperPort is a popular document management/imaging product from Nuance Communications. It is in widespread use by both individuals and businesses. The current version of PaperPort is 14 (previous version was 12 – Nuance got superstitious and skipped 13). This Article documents how PP14 finally solved a nasty duplex scanning problem that has plagued PaperPort since the introduction of the Blank page is job separator capability in PP10.

The problem is that a blank back side of a page will act as a job separator during a duplex scan. This is extremely bad, since most double-sided documents have some single-sided pages, and they will terminate the document – not what you want! It makes the Blank page is job separator capability practically worthless for users doing duplex scanning. In other words, if you are using a duplex scanner and a page in the stack is not blank on the front, but is blank on the back, this should not be considered as a separator page. In the case of duplex scanning, a page should be blank on both sides in order for it to be treated as a separator page. Otherwise, you'll get what should be a single document broken into separate PaperPort items if that document happens to have some single-sided and some double-sided pages.

This "bug" (Nuance called it a "feature" when I reported it) existed in PP10, PP11, and PP12 (as mentioned above, there was no PP13). Nuance finally fixed it in PP14 with the addition of a new sub-option in the Settings for a Scanning Profile. In the SET tab under Blank page is job separator there is a new check-box that says Blank sheet is job separator on duplex scan, as shown in this screenshot:

PP14 Settings Scanning Profile SET Tab
This is what you want for duplex scanning with a duplex scanner – it means that the page must be blank on both sides to be treated as a separator page. Although it took three major releases and five years, my thanks to Nuance for finally fixing this!

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