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Logon Automatically to Windows 8

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The tip that I will be showing you in this article involves getting Windows 8 to let you log on to your computer without entering an account name and a password (although you must have previously set up your computer to log on with an account name and a password.)  This tip would be used on a personal pc with Windows 8 that is not used by more than one user.  The tip would best apply to a regular desktop or laptop pc with a keyboard and a mouse attached, (such as what I am using for my Windows 8) -- that is, one without a touch screen, since I describe all my entries by talking about a mouse and keyboard.  Of course, the tip also applies to a Touchpad version of Windows 8.  On a touch device you merely touch the screen. A right click is usually done on a touch screen by pressing and holding down until a complete circle appears, then lifting your finger.

So let's turn to the matter of logging on to your computer without an account name and a password.  (By the way, this tip also works in both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.)

After you get to the Desktop, you need to first bring up the Run dialog box and type in "netplwiz" (without the quotation marks) as shown in the screen shot below.  You can bring up the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key and the R key at the same time.

netplwiz in Run dialog box
After you then touch the Enter key in this Run dialog box, you will see a User Accounts dialog box that lists all those who are users of your computer, such as what is shown in the following screen shot.  Now you should first remove the check mark from the message "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer".  Then you should select the account name that will automatically log on, then finally click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the dialog box.

User Accounts dialog box
Now you will get the "Automatically sign in" dialog box, where you enter your password that you normally use (twice), and then click OK.  This is shown in the screen shot below.

Automatically sign in dialog box
After you click OK once more to close the User Account dialog box, you are all done.  The next time you log in, it will be automatically to your chosen account.

Expert Comment

by:Azra Lyndsey
netplwiz has been around since at least Vista, control userpasswords2 still works here as well.  I wonder why they don't depreciate the control userpasswords2 method.
LVL 12

Expert Comment

netplwiz.exe and control userpasswords2 also still work in the current lastest build of Windows 10 (10240).
It's indeed quite an old method.
Did you verify what happens when you change the password of the Microsoft account ?

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