How to export ISA Server 2004 rules to excel 2007

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Muhammad Farjad Arshad
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Common practice undertaken by most system administrators is to document the configurations and final solutions of anything performed by them for their future use and reference. So here I am going to explain how to export ISA Server 2004 Firewall policies into Excel 2007.

Applications involved:

•      ISA Server 2004
•      Windows 7 on client side {As I have performed it on windows 7}
•      Excel 2007
•      ISA2XLSV2.hta {Use to read rules from xml file}


Step # 1: Move on to Server Machine on which ISA Server 2004 is installed
Step # 2: Now open ISA Server Management Console
Step # 3: Expand the server
Step # 4: Select Firewall policy
Step # 5: Right click on “Firewall policy” and select Export
 Firewall policy exportStep # 6: Now save the file on your desired location. This will export all the group policies into an xml file at the location you selected.
Step # 7: Here we require a tool named ISAInfo2XLS.hta which can be downloaded from Here
Step # 8: Now import your xml file in this tool
Step # 9: Expand “Firewall Policy” tab and click on “Array Rules”
Step # 10: Copy all the data from right pane and past it into a text file.
Step # 11: Now open MS Excel and press open select file type to “All Files” and now locate your text file, press ok
Step # 12: It will run automatically run “Text Import Wizard” from here select “Delimited” and press next
Text Import WizardStep # 13: On this screen select others and type a pipe sign from keyboard “ | ” looks like this and press next
Delimatting with pipe signStep # 14: On next screen just press “Finish”. It will generate your desired file.
Step # 15: Now you have to format it a bit as per your requirement.

So there you go. Now you have all firewall policies in excel format {You can do the same for all kind of ISA server policies like system policies etc}. Hope you all find it useful for documenting the firewall or other ISA server policies.

Here I would pay my gratitude to Mr Jason jones and Richard Knight for developing ISA2XLSV2.hta. Hope both of them will continue developing such wonderful apps
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