EqualLogic Management on Server 2012

While I didn't have much of an issue implementing our new EqualLogic device, there was one issue that I wasn't able to find an answer to right away from the Dell website or the EqualLogic troubleshooting guides they have published. This article will simply address the single issue I had while implementing the EqualLogic Management Tool Kit on a Microsoft 2012 Server. The new Dell EqualLogic device in our environment is to replace our very outdated LeftHand Networks SAN device. The Server 2012 machine is our newest DC and our push into the "new world". We are upgrading from a 2000/2003 environment, so it has been a challenge thus far.

During our implementation of the EqualLogic prerequisites we received an error installing the Management Tool Kit
"Error 1920. Service EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot Manager Agent (EqlASMAgent) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services."
I was running everything using Domain Admin privileges, so I knew it wasn't an issue with permissions.

I immediately turned to your friendly Google search bar and found an article that included a lot of information, but nothing that was concrete. I didn't go through all of the steps the writer suggested because he was unsure of what exactly resolved his issue, but I started with the most obvious information. It seemed that simply installing .Net Framework 2.0 from the Add/Remove Roles tab in Server Manager resolved the issue immediately. The install for me wasn't really that difficult because all the Add/Remove Roles menus look the same. Once the menu starts you don't need to click anything other than NEXT after you select to install .NET Framework 2.0.

Once .NET Framework was installed, the Tool Kit installed seamlessly and without any other conflict.

I hope this helps someone else just looking for a quick answer to the same issue.

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