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An insight on iPhone

The new iPhone is indeed not just a phone,"it is more than a phone". As promised by Steve Jobbs, CEO of Apple, the iPhone provides you with:

>A phone
>An  iPod
>An internet device


The first noticeable point on the iPhone is an overall  plastic finish. The reason could be because plastic does not interfere with radio reception as metal does. Our iPhone contains somewhere around 10 radio devices inside including EGDE, 3G , Wi-Fi etc.

The latest version of the IPhone is the new 3GS. Lets break down the term 3GS:
3G : 3rd Generation
S: Superfast

So, all it means that the internet speed on a 3GS iPhone is much snappier and improved from the old EDGE network used in old 3G phones. The 3G network delivers web pages twice as faster as the EDGE network. Besides the 3Mega pixel out of focus camera integrates with GPS tracking service and Google Maps to Geotrack your picture and the built in Compass application is your best friend in the middle of an ocean or amidst the woods.


However, if you are the owner of an older iPhone, like the iPhone 2G and 3G models, then by now you must know that your phone has the following limitations:

>absence of a voice dialer
>no video recording feature
>no expandable memory
>no flash and java plugin support for the web browser Safari

Now friends, all these issues are addressed by the new iPhone 3GS. The device  has been made faster over the older version with 32 GB of hard drive space, whooping 600 MHz processor and 256 MB of memory(Source: apple.com). To be fair, the additional features do offer improved gaming performance and 3D rendering specially for gamers.  The video technology can now capture videos in real time that you can edit, share with friends and even post it on YouTube.

The battery life of the iPhone 3GS gives you 12 hours of talk time over the GSM network and 5 hours of talk time over the 3G network which is pretty cool. It also offers you 9 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of Video and 30 hours of Audio playback (stats cross checked from apple.com and tested on my new 3GS iPhone).

So, all set to go for the new 3GS ... Wait, here comes the bitter side of the story.


I noticed this on the 4th day of my purchase of the iPhone. It was strange, the phone was heating up. Initially i ignored but later I was curious and googled it to find that i was not wrong. People have reported the thermal issue on the iPhones. As confirmed by Apple, IF the interior temperature of iPhone device exceeds the exterior, then it will stop charging, the display will dim, cellular signals become weak, and/or a temperature warning screen appears. I also found that, in certain cases (First reported by French website Nowhereelse.fr), the phone is reported to get discolored due to the heating woes.

Apple advises users to use the phone in a place where the temperature is between -20 degree Celsius and 45 degree Celsius. Apple still has no update as how to bypass this issue in countries like India where the temperature is mostly remains above 40 degree Celsius.

The iPhone 3GS was released in the United States on June 19th, 2009 and will soon be rolled out to 80 different countries world-wide. The only challenge could be the absence of super fast 3G networks in most of the countries, unlike United States where At&T is the only official 3G network provider for iPhones. Sadly, in India you can only get a 2G compatible iPhone as at the time of this review there is no 3G network operating in India. I see this as a downside since the USP of an iPhone is using the super fast 3G network. Overall the new Apple iPhone is indeed a decent gizmo to put your hands on.
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