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Application Install Alerts with SCCM and Orchestrator

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A while back I was asked by our Software Asset Manager if they could be alerted on specific applications that have been installed recently, focusing on things like SQL, Visual Studio and Exchange. With it being our True-Up time I decided to have a look at how we could integrate the “Software Installed in X days” query into Orchestrator 2012.

It is a simple runbook using the query criteria and then outputting the data to a *.csv file and then mailing that off to the SAM.

Below are some of the basic steps

Application Install Alerts Runbook Activities
I have used a “Monitor Date/Time” activity at the start but you could also use “Task Scheduler” which might be better as your runbook will then not be running all the time but time wasn’t on my side :) This runbook will fire off every 7 days, this criteria also being one of my filters in the SQL query.

The “Check File Exists” and “Delete File” are merely there so that a new file is generated every time it is mailed off giving a cleaner file when the guys need to go through the list.

The “Run SQL Query” activity,  I have added a predefined filter of applications that we are interested in and want alerting on.

As you can see, this is a simple but affective runbook and can be changed to add many other activities like logging a call, auto removal and many more.

I have also recently added a "Get installers Email" activity that will also mail the user who installed this software that we are tracking and ask them to please mail the Software Asset Manager with the details of their license and if no license is purchased then the user can request a license or is required to remove the software.

If you would like more info on this let me know

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