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This example is regarding one of the most complex possible cases: the Ethernet interface and group IP addresses are changing, as is the gateway address, and everything is moving to a different subnet. Your case may not be as complex.

As two week before I change my all storage IP address and now I am happy. So I am sharing this step by step IP reconfiguration with you.

i am just putting one example with you.
                               Old Ethernet                                            New Ethernet
                              Address                                                          Address
Group address                              
Default gateway                          

Here are the steps:
1. The Array firmware requires that there always be at least one active Ethernet interface on the Array that is in the same subnet as the group address. This is true even during the
process of changing addresses. For this reason, at least two interfaces on the Array must be “live” (that is, connected to another network device such that the “Link” LED is lit) and
configured in the same subnet as the group address before the firmware will let you change an interface IP address to a different subnet.

If you only have one Ethernet interface configured on your Array, you must temporarily
configure another interface with an address in the same subnet as the current group address and connect it to the network.

1. On all iSCSI initiator clients that have connections to the Array, disconnect any connected volumes and remove any target portal entries that point to the Array.

2. Connect a serial cable to “Port 0” on the active Control Module (the one with the “ACT”
LED lit). This operation should be done with a direct connection, as opposed to a Telnet or
ssh session, because when the interface settings are changed,

3. Login as “grpadmin”. At this point you are at the “group” configuration level.

4. Select the member. This will put you at the “member” configuration level (note the
changed prompt).
test> member select

1. Select the Ethernet interface to change first. This should be one of the interfaces that is
connected to a live connection as described in Step 1 above; in this example we will use
“eth1”. This will put you at the “interface” configuration level.
test-storage1> eth select 1
test(member_test-storage1 eth_1)>

Change the address and netmask for Eth1 to the new values.
test(member_test-storage1 eth_1)>ipaddress netmask
test(member_test-storage1 eth_1)>

2. Exit from “interface” level back to “member” level. Then, change the default route (gateway)
address for the member to the new address.
test(member_test-storage1 eth_1)>exit

3. Exit from the “member” level back to the “group” configuration level. Then, change the group
test(member_test-storage1)> exit
test> grpparams

4. Then, change the other Ethernet interface addresses. These interfaces do not have to be
connected to a live connection, though they may be. This is done at the “member” level.
test> member select test-storage1
test(member test-storage1)> eth select 0
test(member_test-storage1 eth_0)>ipaddress netmask
test(member_test-storage1 eth_0)>exit
test(member test-storage1)>
[Same thing for eth2 if needed...]

5. If you needed to configure a “temporary” Ethernet interface in Step 1, you can now unconfigure
it by setting its IP address to zeroes:
test(member test-storage1)> eth select 2
test(member_test-storage1 eth_2)>ipaddress
test(member_test-storage1 eth_

6. Once the Ethernet interfaces are set correctly, exit from the “member” level back to the “group” level.
test(member test-storage1)> exit

7. Confirm that all the changed settings look correct.
test> grpparams show
______________________________ Group Information _______________________
Name: test Group-Ipaddress:
Storage-Optimize: capacity Def-Snap-Reserve: 100%
Def-Snap-Warn: 10% Def-Snap-Depletion: delete-oldest
DateAndTime: Thu Apr 15 18:13:44 TimeZone: EST
Description: Def-Iscsi-Prefix:
Def-Iscsi-Alias: yes
Info-Messages: enabled Webaccess: enabled
Webaccess-noencrypt: enabled Cliaccess-SSH: enabled
Cliaccess-Telnet: enabled Email-Notify: enabled
SNMP-Trap-Notify: disabled Syslog-Notify: disabled
Chap-Server-List: iSNS-Server-List: <site-specific>
Email-List: <site-specific>
NtpServers: <site-specific>
Smtp-Server-List: <site-specific>
Syslog-Server-List: <site-specific>
Target-Auth-UserName: Target-Auth-Password:
Object-Reuse-Scrub: disabled Email-From:
test> member select test-storage1
test-storage1> show
_____________________________ Member Information _______________________
Name: storage1 Status: online
TotalSpace: 588.18GB UsedSpace: 417.89GB
SnapSpace: 1.58GB Description:
Def-Gateway: Model: 70-0001
Serial-Number: A000078 Disks: 11
Spares: 2 Controllers: 2
CacheSize: 494MB CacheMode: write-back
Connections: 0 RaidStatus: ok
RaidPercentage: 0% LostBlocks: false
HealthStatus: normal LocateMember: disable
Controller-Safe: disabled Low-Battery-Safe: enabled
Version: V2.0.4

test-storage1> eth show
Name ifType ifSpeed Mtu Ipaddress Status Err
---------- --------------- ---------- ----- --------------- ------- ---
eth0 ethernet-csmacd 1000000000 9000 up 0
eth1 ethernet-csmacd 1000000000 9000 up 0
eth2 ethernet-csmacd 1000000000 9000 down 0
test-storage1> exit

8. Finally, reboot the Array.
test> restart
Do you really want to restart the system ? (y/n) [n]y
syncing disks... done
unmounting /pss (/dev/sf0d)...
unmounting / (/dev/md0a)...
PSS I/O Stack Shutting down
Shutting down iscsi
Shutting down eqliom
Shutting down eqlcache
Shutting down raid
Shutting down PSS Class
do_global_dtors: running destructors at 0x8254353c

After that you can reattach the server with new storage IP address. I done this and it takes hardly 30-40 min to take effect.
piyushranusriSystem Cloud Specialist

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piyushranusriSystem Cloud Specialist
Top Expert 2012


I had done this change and it hardly take to 30-40 minute to complete.

Just to share our office moved to another site, and here i change all IP address in ESX/ESXi/VM server/Phyiscal server/VLAN/Storage adapter, networking adapter

and all these takes task takes 3 days..

I would like to thanks Dell Support, Vmware support, Expert Exchange and Google Search Engine.

Thanks to All
..but what the procedure in case you have dedicated network management. and managment-only set on one of the NIC. esepecially in storage blade array such as PS-M4110 which  has only two NIC cards.

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