Java can't be uninstalled "jre1.7.0._17-c.msi" the path cannot be found.

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I was doing some work for a client, and they were having an issue with an application that uses Java. As it turns out, they can't install or remove the version of Java that is on the laptop.

I try to install/remove and I get:

Java 7 Update 45
The feature you are trying to use cannot be found.
Use source ( in the box there is a 1)

I click OK and it gives me

The path 1 cannot be found try to find the installation package "jre1.7.0._17-c.msi in a folder.

I cancel out.

It gives me:
Error 1714 The older version of Java cannot be removed.

I search the web for all different solutions, about 5 hours worth and nothing.
Deleting any Java related folders/files in windows
Making sure I removed anything related to java from the registry.

Nothing worked, same result... Ready to format the machine and reload EVERYTHING...

Then I tried the following:

Open regedit
Use the find option in the edit menu
I put the version of java that it was looking for when I was trying to load or unload, in the find field. In my case it was


Clicked find


There it was, a registry key that had my version in it, on closer inspection there were other references inside the key to the source being "1" just like the error message I got above.

I knew this was it.

I backed up the key.

Deleted this key and the parent key above it which also had some additional java info in it.

Rebooted the machine and PRESTO!

I was able to load both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Java as needed, no hassles

Hope this helps some other poor bastard like me not have to waste 5 hours to figure it out.
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