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A common misunderstanding when we delete files from computer is that they are completely removed from the hard disk? However end user should remember that highly confidential data can be retrieved from the hard disk using various tools even after the files are deleted because data is not really gone.

When user delete files from their computer still those files are available in recycle bin and if user delete recycle bin then users are under impression that my highly confidential data is gone forever but they are still located in the hard drive and can easily retrieve.
The only way to completely delete or erase file with no traces is using “Eraser Tool” which is freeware and available to download on below URL:

How to use Eraser Tool:

Eraser Console
There are various ways to delete, which are as follows:
1] Select files or folders in windows explorer and perform drag and drop them to the list
2] Copy file into the clipboard and paste them into the list
3] Use New Task command from the File Menu

After adding the data you need to erase the list, for which you have to select following removal methods:

The Gutmann Method (Default)
The US DoD 5220-22.M Method
The Pseudorandom Data Method

Once you select the removal method it will ask you for the confirmation before proceeding and by using this way you can remove your data permanently which cannot be retrieved using any third party tools.
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>> The only way to completely delete or erase file with no traces is using “Eraser Tool”

Really? The ONLY way? Seem like there are other tools, free tools, available.  I happen to like DBAN, but there are several others as well.

I voted NO on this article. It could have been helpful and listed several tools, or at least reviewed the tool.
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by:Éric Moreau
I have also read somewhere that SSD's react differently. You should dig into it and make a clear note.
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Expert Comment

by:Tony Giangreco
I agree with lherrou, there are many apps that perform this function. I agree this one may do a very good job, but you should list other tools also to make the article more accurate.

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