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Kitten HarpainInternet Marketing Manager

Rebecca "Kitten" Harpain, your site, search, and social media specialist here.

After spending quite a few years helping businesses large and small get the most out of their online presence, I have compiled what I consider my short list of interesting and efficient twitter tactics.

The following ten only scratch the surface on twitter marketing, but I hope you find the information useful, and a good starting point!

1 - Twitter is a dialog, not a monologue. Start conversations with engaging and relevant questions, but don’t be afraid to join others and share posts from your followers.

2 – Keep it simple. Tweets under 100 characters get 17% higher engagement than longer ones. *

3 – Follow your following, and your competition! Keeping an eye on your competition as well as your customers gives you insight into what is trending for everyone and not just you.

4 – Don’t take the night off, or the weekend either. Weekend tweet interactions are 17% higher than your average weekday. * There are many tools out there, like Hootsuite that can help you save time by scheduling these in advance.

5 – Positive tweets work great as testimonials. Put the good ones on your homepage or even display them in your store front.  I don’t recommend putting a streaming twitter feed on your site; you want to make sure only the really good tweets make it through to potential customers.

6 – Avoid over tweeting. If you post 1-2 tweets a day, you will increase engagement by 19% compared to those who post more than 3.*

7 - Promote your personality, not your products. Marketing is about selling, but you wouldn't bring a tradeshow booth to a party! Keep your social media content helpful, interesting, and related to your services but avoid using it to actively sell to your following.

8 - Never start a tweet with “@username” This prevents all of your followers from seeing it! To optimize every tweet, start with a sentence and then tag whoever is appropriate after.

9 – Apply a 2-for-1 rule. For every tweet you make, retweet or favorite two more. This shows that you are engaging with others, and not just on twitter to share your own content.

10 - Follow other industry influencers. Sharing their tweets will encourage your audience to watch your tweets more, and they might end up sharing your original tweets in return!

Happy Tweeting!
Rebecca "Kitten" Harpain

*Statistics provided by “Strategies for Effective Tweeting” by as well as the Hubspot Resource Library
Every business is different and the advice above might not be the trick you need to increase engagement from social media.
Kitten HarpainInternet Marketing Manager

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Peter TomisIT Technician

I auto-share so much I have neglected #9 for far too long, time to fix that!

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