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Size and Position Painter Add-In for Excel and PowerPoint - xyPainter

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xyPainter - It is a generic Add-In useful for anybody working extensively on PowerPoint and Excel.

For PowerPoint - xyPainterForPPT.pptx
For Excel - xyPainterForXLS.pptx

More often we find ourselves in a situation “Why didn't Microsoft” think of it, after all it is so simple and obvious. But as a Programmer the one fact I have come to realize is “there are lots on everybody¿s plate and very less time to furnish it”, whilst Microsoft is busy fixing the critical bugs, thanks to all the MVP¿s[I am not One :(, Grrr] and other Open Source themed Programmers[I am trying to be One :), Kudos] for taking their time out and developing all those free utilities which so often save our time whenever
we hit a wall in one of our Projects.

“xyPainter” is one of many free Add-Ins you find around the web dedicated to make people¿s life far easier. The idea came to me when I exhaustively googled[obviously] for such an Add-In and could not find one[at least on the first 4 Pages - :) LOL]. “xyPainter” assists to paint the Size and/or Position of one
object to another[Hmmm more like “Format Painter”] only a bit multitasking.

• Object Independent i.e., You can read the data from one type of object[Ex : Table] and apply to a different type of object[Ex: Image]
• Unlike “Format Painter” it is not a toggle switch, “Format Painter” remains active only for one application whereas “xyPaint” and “sizePaint” can be applied as many times as you want without reading[]“xyRead”] the Source object¿s parameters[Size and Position] ever again as long as the active PowerPoint
instance is not closed
• This Multi Apply feature is especially useful when you are creating a slideshow with multiple slides representing the same object with different parameters
          o Ex : Chartial representation of Country sales figures with every slide having a chart of a particular
          country and the presentation having multiple countries spread across multiple slides[n country = n
• “xyPaint” is apparently so accurate that you hardly find a difference in alignment/size as you scroll through slides[Giving an enriched fluidic experience to the presentation]
• “sizePaint” also does its best while painting the size of source object to destination object
• If the above points formed a cake, here is the cream, it works between presentations[Source : object A of presentation A to Destination : object B of presentation B] opened in the same PowerPoint instance[Background window]
• If that was not enough, here is the icing on cake, it is absolutely "Free to Use"
• What¿s more, Download it, Use it and most importantly Share it
• If it was useful to you, Please leave a comment.

P.S : Please refer to the detailed instruction set[with Images] in the embedded files alongside Add-Ins.

Happy Programming,
Ravi N
Author:Ravi N

Author Comment

by:Ravi N
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your detailed instructions, it really helped. I have edited my article based on your suggestions.

Please review and let me know if it is fine.

Ravi N
LVL 102

Expert Comment

You have made a better attempt but the article is supposed to stand on its own and not rely on the attachments for the actual details.

You need to put the text and code from the PowerPoints into the article.  If you feel it is better, the code can be attached to facilitate the user in downloading it all at once rather than having to copy short snippets.

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