Getting rid of SPN warnings in SCOM

Vitor MontalvãoIT Engineer
Are you getting those annoying warnings of Service Principal Name (SPN) incorrect in your System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)?

I call this warnings annoying because they don't affect the monitoring or operation, but you will see them every time you check the SCOM console, and that makes it hard to find real and important warnings. So, if you don't need the SPN for your server you can disable this monitor since SCOM is working properly. What follows is an example and the steps on to how to disable this warning.

First go to your SCOM console and check for alerts:

SCOM-warning.gifDouble-clicking on Stats of Server3 you will see the SPN incorrect warning:
Well, you can avoid the problem by creating the correct SPN, but imagine if you have dozens or hundreds of servers that need to have the SPN created? And you need to remember that new servers will need the correct SPN to be created.

So the best and quick way to get rid of those warnings is to disable the SPN monitor. This monitor comes with the respective Management Pack. Below is an example for this monitor in SQL Server Management Pack that you can find in Authoring tab / Management Pack Objects / Monitors in Operations Manager Console.
After overriding this monitor you should see a healthy Stat (it may needs few minutes to SCOM realize it):
NOTE: Only disable the SPN monitor if you don't need it. This monitor comes enabled by default but as you could see it raises only a warning and not a critical error.
Vitor MontalvãoIT Engineer

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