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Create Project in Microstrategy - Part - I

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Vikas Garg
I am a BI developer having 10 Years of experience with the BI technologies like SSIS, SSAS, Power BI ,SQL Server and SSRS since 2008.

In my previous Article I discussed some basic understanding of Microstrategy that how we can get in Intro of Microstrategy (MSTR).

Now it's time to get our hands dirty with Development..
So let's move on....

After installation we need to create Report / Dashboard which is our basic requirement for Analyzing the Data.

From the Start Menu Click on Configuration Wizard and the below screen will appear

  • First we have to add Metadata to the Source Database which stores the information which acts as bridge between source Database and Microstrategy.
  • Check in Metadata which will create Metadata tables to the Source system. You have to define the Source for which DSN needs to be configured if not configured.
  • Click on New in the above screen and MSTR Connectivity Wizard will open for new DSN Creation.
  • From the Select we will select Microsoft SQL Server for this article however you can select any of the listed ODBC Drivers.
  • Enter the SourceName , Servername and Database name which will be source for MSTR Report. I have checked Windows Authentication click on Test and Click on Finish and New Data Source Will be created and it will appear in the DSN DropDown list. Now enter any prefix which will be added to the tables of metadata so that you can easily identify source and Metadata Tables.

  • Click on Next and Data Source will be Configured.
  • The next step would be to configure Intelligence Server.
  • Select the Above created DSN and in the Table Prefix enter the same prefix entered in the above step for metadata tables.
  • Click Next and the Microstrategy default user which was created at the time of installation will appear which will be used to access the metadata repository of MSTR.

  • Click Next and then on finish to finish the configuration for Intelligence Server

  • With this Configuration is done so you can click on Exit since Project source Creation will be done in Microstrategy Developer which is discussed in Next Article.
So this is how we can configure Microstrategy before making any project for new Data Source. It includes Metadata and Data Source Creation.
Author:Vikas Garg

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