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Decoding Mobile Credit Card Processing For Your Business

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Mobile credit card processing has experienced phenomenal growth over the past few years owing to the increasing number of people using credit and bank cards to make purchases and pay bills. Mobile processing gives businesses unparalleled flexibility and many other advantages that place them firmly above competition. There are various ways in which you can use your mobile processing capability and we are going to discuss some of the options in this brief post.

Mobile Credit Card Processing: An Introduction

When credit card processing goes mobile, you gain the ability to conduct your transactions on the go in real-time without any restriction. This makes the option ideal for field sales people and a lot of other businesses without a fixed point of sale.

The Options

As with any other credit card processing capability, you need the basics including a merchant account and secure payment gateway. You will also need the equipment to use in capturing the payment details and requesting authorization for the payment. This is where you have a number of options depending on your requirements.

Mobile Terminals

You can make use of mobile wireless terminals in the conduct of business. These are the same type as those employed by numerous retailers at their cash-out points. The use of Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity enables them to be operational as long as you have network coverage.


There is also an option that allows you to use your mobile smartphone to conduct the transactions. You have to purchase a small card reader which you can attach to your phone every time you want to process a payment. The process of attaching the piece of equipment is quite simple and does not take more than 2 seconds and special software has to be installed on the smartphone.

Other Options

You can also use large screen gadgets such as Tablets, Laptops and Notebooks. The incorporation of these devices in credit card processing has also seen the advent of self-service in numerous restaurants and other businesses. The larger screen makes it easy for you to operate and you can do all your work on the same platform.

Although all these options are possible solutions to accept cards, you can get all your requirements from a single provider, including a merchant account, equipment and a solution that can be used in-store, on the go and even for processing credit cards online.

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