PaperPort 14 Scanner Connection Tool - Fix Scanning Problems in PaperPort 14

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This article discusses the PaperPort 14 Scanner Connection Tool, which Nuance provides at no charge in order to fix scanning problems in Windows 8. Furthermore, users of PaperPort 14 in Windows 7 and Windows 10 have reported that the tool works in those versions of Windows, too.
PaperPort is a popular document imaging/management product from Nuance Communications, previously known as ScanSoft. PaperPort is in widespread use by both individuals and businesses.

Article Update on 25-Sep-2015: This article was originally entitled PaperPort 14 - Fix Scanning Problems in Windows 8, but reports from users, as well as my own tests, have confirmed that the tool works in Windows 7 and Windows 10, so I decided to rename the article more appropriately. Note that using the tool in Windows 10 is discussed in Tip#4 of this Experts Exchange article:
PaperPort 14 in Windows 10 - A First Look

The current version of PaperPort is 14, and it is the only version that supports Windows 8, as documented in the PaperPort knowledgebase article, Nuance product support for Microsoft Windows 8. Even though PaperPort 14 supports W8, there are known scanning problems. To fix these problems, Nuance developed (and offers at no charge) the PaperPort 14 Scanner Connection Tool. You may download it from here:

To install it, exit PP14 and simply run the downloaded executable. You'll get this User Account Control dialog if UAC is turned on:

After clicking the Yes button on the UAC, you'll get this dialog:

Click the Enable button and you should get this successful installation dialog:

You may want to click the Yes button to put a shortcut to it on your desktop to make it easier to run if you need the tool again (you should run it again if you reinstall, upgrade, or repair PP14; or if you install new or upgraded scanner drivers). I had it create the shortcut, although I like a very clean desktop, so I moved the shortcut off the desktop and into the PP14 program group.

Now when you run PP14 it will be using this new Scanner Connection Tool, which also solves the problem of a grayed-out Scan button, as discussed in the PaperPort knowledgebase article, PaperPort Scan button is grayed out within PaperPort 14. Although the article talks specifically about a grayed-out PP14 Scan button, PaperPort users have reported that the tool fixes other scanning problems, such as a grayed-out "Display scanner dialog box" and "Show Capture Assistant" checkboxes in the Scan or Get Photo pane:

There are also reports that it fixes "problem communicating with TWAIN device" and being "unable to find your scanner". Furthermore, although Nuance says this tool is for W8, I received reports from several users saying that it fixed problems in W7 and W10. Here are two examples:

A note to confirm that this tool is effective with Windows 7 as well. I couldn't access Capture Assistant at first and the Tool fixed that.

Although Nuance says that it is exclusively for users of Windows 8, several people have found that it can also mend scanner issues with earlier versions of Windows.
So, if you're having problems scanning in PP14 with W7, W8, or W10, this tool is worth a try. If you do find that it solves your PP14 scanning problem, please add a comment to this article with your version of Windows and what the problem was that this tool fixed. This will be a great aid to other members.

If you find this article to be helpful, please click the thumbs-up icon below. This lets me know what is valuable for EE members and provides direction for future articles. Thanks very much! Regards, Joe

Expert Comment

by:Gregory Parsons
This did not help.  Since the last auto-update in Windows 10 PaperPort Professional 14.5 won't recognize one of my two scanners.  Neither your site nor the manufacturer's latest drivers have been of any help - especially baffling as Nuance is the software bundled with the scanner.  The Xerox DocuMate 152i is no longer listed as a compatible scanner.
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Author Comment

by:Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
Hi Gregory,

First, I see that you joined EE today — welcome aboard! I'll do my best to try to help you.

Do you have Patch 1 installed? If not, I recommend doing that, as PP14.5/Patch1 is the only Windows 10-compliant version of PaperPort. This EE article explains how to get it (at no cost):
How to install the Patch 1 update for PaperPort 14.5

Reinstall the Scanner Connection Tool after installing Patch 1. If it still doesn't work, read this other EE article:
PaperPort 14 in Windows 10 - A First Look

Perhaps some of the Tips in there will help.

Of course, having a driver that works in your version of Windows (including bit level — 32-bit or 64-bit) is critical. I checked the Xerox website for your DocuMate 152i and it shows that it has drivers for W10, including ISIS, TWAIN, and WIA. You may download them from here:

Note this comment at that site: "You must uninstall your current driver and OneTouch software to install an updated driver."

I much prefer ISIS drivers over TWAIN and WIA, and PP14.5 fully supports ISIS, so try that first (nothing wrong with TWAIN and WIA, so try them, too). Also, reinstall the Scanner Connection Tool after reinstalling the scanning drivers. Regards, Joe

Expert Comment

by:Myrna Taylor
Where have you been all my life?????   :)
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Author Comment

by:Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
Hi Myrna,
Thank you for joining Experts Exchange today and reading my article. I take it from your comment that you found it helpful. :)
Welcome to EE! Regards, Joe

Expert Comment

by:Tina Stark
I have been running Paperport 12 for years.  Two days ago I updated Windows 7 and now PaperPort 12 will NOT run.  I have reinstalled, I had a tech look at it.  Not happening.  So if I purchase Paperport 14 will it run?  I don't have the time to play with this program, I just need my scanner working.  Thank you
LVL 59

Author Comment

by:Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
Hi Tina,
Thanks for joining Experts Exchange today and reading my article — Welcome Aboard!

I can't say if PaperPort 14 will run on your system. Of course, it should run — but PaperPort 12 should run on W7, too. So there may be some other problem unrelated to PaperPort that is causing the scanner not to work. One test is to see if another program can scan. Try the built-in Paint app in W7 — click the drop-down, then "From scanner or camera" (or try any other app that you prefer, such as Acrobat, IrfanView, paint.net, etc.).

The most common culprit when a scanner doesn't work is the scanning drivers (ISIS, TWAIN, WIA/WIA2). The first thing I suggest is to install the latest drivers from your scanner manufacturer's website, being to sure to get the correct bit level for your version of W7, i.e., 32-bit or 64-bit. After installing the latest scanning drivers, try PaperPort 12 again, although I suggest upgrading (at no charge) to PP12.1, as explained in my EE article:

PaperPort 12 - Free Upgrade to Version 12.1

That said, I do recommend purchasing PaperPort 14. Both the standard edition and Professional edition are reasonably priced at Amazon these days. It is version 14.0, but you may upgrade to PP14.5 (at no charge), as explained in my EE article:

PaperPort 14 - Free Upgrade to Version 14.5

Then install the Patch 1 update and you'll be on the latest release, which works fine in W7 (and PP14.5/Patch1 is the only W10-compliant version of PaperPort). Installation of the Patch 1 update is explained in my EE article:

How to install the Patch 1 update for PaperPort 14.5

After that, install the PaperPort 14 Scanner Connection Tool, as described in this article. Regards, Joe

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