Visual Basic.NET 2008 - Capturing Keys in VB.NET

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This is my first tutorial, so I hope that you like it!

Goal : Create a program to get the keys entered into the form
Programming Language : Visual Basic.NET 2008 SP1

Step 1
  The first thing that we must do to reach our goal is create a new project. This can be done by clicking File > New Project or by pressing Control and N on your keyboard.

Step 2
  Name the project "Capturing Keys in VB.NET" or anything else that you want.

 Figure 1 - Name the projectStep 3
  Customize the form in anyway that you want.

  Figure 2 - Customize the formStep 4
  Add two labels and name them "lblKeyCode" and "lblKeyValue".

  Figure 3 - Add two labelsStep 5
  Select the form, enter the list of handlers and double-click the "KeyDown" handler.

  Figure 4 - Create a "KeyDown" handlerStep 6
  In the "KeyDown" handler, you must put the following code:
lblKeyCode.Text = e.KeyCode.ToString

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lblKeyValue.Text = e.KeyValue.ToString

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Explanation for Step 6
  The code "lblKeyCode.Text = e.KeyCode.ToString" will set the first label to the internal key name. (eg. "A" or "Delete")
  The code "lblKeyValue.text = e.KeyValue.ToString" will set the second label to the value of the key (eg. "19" or "49")

Step 7
  Press the debug button and press any key on your keyboard
  The value of the labels should change, depending on which key you press

- Daniel Sage

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Does this work even if the program is running in the background?

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