Create A Windows 7 System Restore Disk For A PC Wth No CD/DVD Writer

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Suppose your Windows 7 PC has no CD/DVD writer and you need to create System Repair Disk. Luckily, you have another PC (with Windows 8 or Vista) that has CD/DVD writer. All you need to do is create an ISO image on your Windows 7 PC and burn the image on your other PC.

Install Unlocker on your Windows 7 PC. This is a great little freeware program. As with any freeware/shareware, never choose the recommended installation option and read each screen before you click yes/accept to avoid unwanted toolbars etc.

In Windows 7, click on ...
Start > All Programs > Maintenance > Create A System Repair Disk, then click on Create Disk. After a short time, a popup error will appear. Click OK to clear this error (but don't close the other window underneath).

At this point a locked ISO image has been created in your Windows Temp Folder

Press Windows Key + R to show the RUN Dialogue. (The Windows Key is between Ctrl and Alt.) Enter %temp% into the RUN Dialogue and press OK to open your temp directory/folder.

The ISO file will be called something like {2fcdac65-6f86-42f0-a777-68a8ae4713c5}.iso. Sort by Modified Date to find it quickly. As I said, this file is Locked so you can't copy, rename or open it, and if you close the "Create A System Repair Disk" window, it will disappear!

Right click on the the ISO file and open Unlocker. Choose the Copy Option

Capture2.JPGChoose a suitable name and location for the copy (a flash drive or network location). Be sure to keep .iso as part of the filename. When the ISO is copied, you can close the "Create A System Repair Disk" window.

Finally use the new ISO on your other PC to burn the ISO to CD or DVD. I recommend that you use ImgBurn. Label your disk correctly indicating whether it is for 32bit or 64bit Windows 7.

This method may work for other versions of Windows.
EirmanChief Operations Manager

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Nice tip.  There is also quite a good article on installing Unlocker safely here:  :)

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