Top 10 things to know about Android 5.0 Lollipop

Alexa JacksonDigital Forensic Analyst
With the release of Android 5.0 version (known as Android Lollipop) last year, Google has introduced a stream of all new features for its users. It is available on new Nexus mobile phones and the updates are beginning to be done for older Nexus versions and Motorola phones. In this article we have brought together 10 new features and cool stuff you can do with Android Lollipop. Have a look:

1. Tap & Go
It is seen that the setup process for switching from an old Android device to a new one can be a painful task. Android Lollipop has simplified this task with the Tap & Go option. If both your old and new device have NFC technology, the Tap & Go option allows you to transfer your apps and settings with Bluetooth. Tap both the phones until you hear a beep and then when the old phone prompts, press OK and sign in your Google account.
Tap---Go.png2. Set Up A New Guest
Android Lollipop brings the function to add a guest with Guest mode. The feature can be enabled when someone needs to borrow your phone and you want to keep your personal information private. To turn the feature on, open the notifications by swiping down from the top, select the Person icon and select Add guest. The guests can be added and removed as per our requirements. Any information or apps downloaded during the guest mode will only get stored temporarily. 
user.jpg3. Set Up Priority For Notifications
Another useful feature in Android Lollipop is the Priority notification mode. Whenever this mode is on, the notifications that have the highest priority make an alert sound while other less important notifications will show up but will not make a sound.

To enable the mode, press the volume up and down button. In the panel select Priority and select the time period for which you want to enable the priority mode. You can select the priority notification mode for messages, emails and calls is set up in the same way. Select the notifications that you want to get when this mode is on. You can allow combinations of calls and messages in which you can allow all calls and messages or calls and messages from a particular contact.

priority.jpg4. Face Lock Feature
The all new Face lock feature is a much smarter way to lock your device. In Android Lollipop, the device will identify your face the moment screen is activated. You will get through after it recognizes your face without any further security. For activating it, go to the Security menu and in the Smart Lock option type Face Lock. Follow the prompts so the phone can recognize your face and then after pressing the power button give it a whirl.
show-your-face.jpg5. Screen Visibility Options
Lollipop has experimented with screen visibility options to a better visibility to users suffering from color blindness or poor vision. The features are found in Settings and Accessibility menus. The Color Correction option changes the color for three kinds of color blindness -- Deuteranomaly, Protanomaly and Tritanomaly. The High Contrast Text outlines the white and light colored backgrounds, hence giving a good vision to users having poor sight.
facebook.jpg6. Screen Pinning Option
The screen pinning feature is to restrict other user’s access to your apps and information. This feature when enabled, allows only one app to be seen by other users. This feature can be enabled while the guest mode is active so as to prevent the other user from accessing other apps. Also if you want to prevent your kid from accessing important information in your phone, just pin the favorite game to the screen and hand it over to your kid. For enabling it go to Settings option and then toggle Screen pinning option in Security option. Now press the Overview button and select the app that you want to pin to your screen and select the blue pin button.
chrome.jpg7. Know Exact Battery Left
With Lollipop, you will get a better battery life as Google has made use of Project Volta in it. It comprises of a battery saver mode that when enabled slows the processor’s performance, dims the screen brightness, limits vibrations so as to help extend battery life for a few hours. To enable the Battery saver mode, select the Menu button and click on Battery Saver. The battery saver will save up to 90 minutes of your battery.
battery.png8. Lock Screen Notification
Now with Lollipop, you can see and perform actions on your notifications right from the Lock screen. The notifications can be swiped either to left or right for dismissing them. Double-clicking on them enters right into the app. You can choose from three options when your gizmo is locked. You can block notifications from certain apps by Block option. You can also hide sensitive information from others by selecting Sensitive option. This option for instance will not show the subject lines of your mails, but will show that you have new mails.

Go to Settings, and click App notifications from Sound and Notifications column and on the Sensitive settings. Repeat the steps for each app that you want to keep private.
hangouts.jpg9. Setting Up Trusted Device
Lollipop offers yet another way to unlock your phone. Whenever your phone gets near any of the trusted Bluetooth devices like your car, it will automatically unlock your phone. To enable this feature go to Settings menu and click on Security and select Smart Lock. Make sure you have set up a Screen lock in your phone so that it automatically locks when your phone is away from the Bluetooth device.

10. Lollipop’s Hidden Easter Egg
Lollipop like other Android versions also comes with a hidden flappy bird game. To find the game, in the Settings menu, select About Phone option. Tap the line Android version 4 to 5 times. When the Lollipop graphic appears click it 5 times and hold it for some time. The flappy bird game will appear before you.
Alexa JacksonDigital Forensic Analyst

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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSenior Data Analyst


A nice article.  unfortunately, for me, some of these items do not apply to phones upgraded to lollipop, at least not mine.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0 and I don't have the user option, for instance.  There is also no "Color Correction" option, although there is a "Color Adjustment" option (they do not seem to be the same though).  I could go on, but I am sure you already know what I am talking about.

I wrote an article a while back about my upgrade to lollipop.  Have you ever encountered the problem with Contacts (builtin) and Google Plus(builtin)?  disabling google plus seems to stop contacts from constantly crashing.  Now Google play services is constantly crashing and I am not sure why.
Ted PennerProfit Sharing Projects

Yeah that figures.  I think the cell companies like to make their own customized ROMs and now that Google is trying to take away that ability with Nexus, we could have a smoother road ahead.

I wish I could get a stock Lollipop ROM that was not tied to any carrier for my Verizon HTC M8.  Unfortunately, I have been told there is no way to do it.  That's a shame too because this is still such a good phone and I see no good reason to replace it, or at least not a good enough reason to spend an additional $300 on a new phone.

I sure hope they provide a way to do stock Lollipop ROMs on older devices.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSenior Data Analyst

I was told by a Verizon rep that the best way to upgrade to Lollipop was by rooting your phone,  removing the old OS and then putting the new one on.  He said his professor suggested this and it made it so that most of the problems caused by the upgrade disappeared (contacts stopping for instance).
Ted PennerProfit Sharing Projects

I was told by somebody that claims to do this a lot, that you can no longer root the HTC One M8. I'm not sure that I trust the source on this.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSenior Data Analyst

The Verizon rep said be didn't want to upgrade to note 5 (instead of 4) because of similar reasons

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