Why Should Home Solar Become New Target for PV Inverter Manufacturers?

Have you ever thought of installing a power system that generates solar electricity to power your house? Some may say yes, while others may tell me no. But have you noticed that people around you are now considering installing such systems in their houses? Perhaps some still say no, but you must have learned that utility-scale solar power plants have been built across the world to power global citizens for a few years. As this trend updates, solar researches have gradually introduced home solar power that has already turned to one of the most important focuses for photovoltaic (PV) inverter manufacturers. There muse be stacks of reasons for this. Yes, indeed!

Home solar benefits for average house owners

As average house owners, if something installed can benefit them than their investment, they would love to choose it. According to this standard, the following reasons are predictable.

1. Solar power is plentiful and will never end in billions of years. Thus, solar energy can sustain average families’ long time energy consumption plan, and they don’t have to pay for the solar energy absorbed from the sun.

2. By going solar, an average family helps protect the environment. It is good for the family as well as for the whole nation or region.

3. By installing a solar power system at home, the house becomes more beautiful and valuable.

4. If one installs such a system at home, the person can now guard against extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms.

5. Most importantly, going solar means you don’t have to pay power bills anymore. In addition, you can earn money and get back your investment by selling electricity to the utility grid.

Home solar profits for PV inverter producers

As home solar appears so profitable to home solar owners, more and more people with houses will gradually choose to go solar. In this case they will never depend wholly on the utility grids or the utility-scale solar power plants. This makes the trend from the shared grid to the personal grid. For manufacturers, this is a very good market. There are three obvious profits for these producers.

1. Serious environmental issues like air pollution and global warming have forced the world’s governments to promote solar power. Not only this, but also they make available solar energy friendly measures, such as providing subsidies, incentives or rebates to these manufacturers.

2. As more house owners choose solar power, more PV inverters will be in high demand. So far, inverter mass production has already formed, and this will continuously grow.

3. In the short run, people’s power consumption habits cannot change so quickly. But in the long run, they will change after they view the obvious than obvious results of home solar power. Until then, even more mass production will be in high need.

Global trend favorable home solar power

Maybe you think the phrase “global trend” is too big for you, but you can see that more homes across the UK, the US, Japan, Australia and even China are changing their electricity consumption habit to home solar. What does this mean? It means home solar is something really worth trying. For PV inverter manufacturers, chances are various now and will expand in the future too.

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Distinguished Expert 2021

It's basic supply and demand.  As prices drop, the incentive to go home solar becomes more attractive.  Previously, the payback period was far too long term to be worthwhile.

Don't forget direct water heating is more efficient.
I installed solar PV panels almost two years ago, on a predicted payback period of about 7-8 years.  In the UK, there is an official calculator that the installer must use to quote the returns you will get.  My installer also offered his own calculation, based on his experience in the area.  (The government calculator gave 8 year payback, whereas the installer's own gave 7 years.)  In practice, the performance in the first year was near the installer's prediction, and in the second year it has reached it.

I have no regrets with regard to the installation.  It has been a fantastic investment, even though our roof is not perfect - it faces south-east, so we only generate well during the morning.  Beyond that, we are helping in a small way to reducing global warming.

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