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How To Clean Up your Reputation Online - Tips From an Expert

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Consistently voted one of the most valuable new expenditures in the next decade is something called online reputation management or ORM. This fairly new business expenditure requires corporations big or small to manage how they look on the Internet and on social media sites. 

New digital ages companies provide hotels, business owners, and the hospitality industry with the ability to manage their guests reviews. The best way to do this is to make sure that you receive your guests' Name, Number, and E-Mail address. As soon as they check out of the hotel it is important that the employees treat each guest as if they were family. Pronounce each guest by their name as that is one of the sweetest things somebody can hear is the sound of their own name. Once they have checked out the email should be sent to them requesting their feedback on their stay at your property. Of course having great business practices and following the golden rule during any clients visit is incredibly important as well. 

Sample questions can be: "How Long was your stay" "On a scale from 1-5 how would you rate the cleanliness of your room" "What was the reason for your stay" "Would you recommend the hotel to another business associate or friend" "Do you have any complaints? If so please write your critical feedback below" As you read the reviews you can find out any weak spots in your accommodations and make the needed changes to fix them. You can also follow up with very happy clients and ask them to place reviews on sites like Tripadvisor.com and Yelp to build up a strong presence of positive reviews.

When it comes to cleaning up the Google search results it is important to note that there are always multiple ways to accomplish the job. Some tasks take longer than others as no two search queries are ever the same for reputation management clean up and repair jobs. The cookie cutter solutions is as follows: 
  • Register as many TLD exact match domains as possible. Jondoe.com, Jondoe.net, Jondoe.org, Jondoe.me, Jondoe.co
  • Create relevant content that is truthful and helpful in nature for somebody looking to read about yourself. 
  • Remember that Google's job is to showcase the most relevant search results. Your job should be to create relevant search results that you would want visitors to see. 
  • Create social media profiles and interact with others. If you have to purchase fans with Facebook ads then do so. 
  • Business listings and press releases are a great supplement to filling in your search results 
Today's world everybody wants to see instant reviews and results. The smartphone has given us this opportunity and now business owners have one more expense to protect their image online whether they like it or not.  iCloud and Apple have made it so we may even upload content online that we don't mean to. Twitter faux paus happen all the time and now consumers are in the drivers seat and if you use the expert advice above you will have a chance of survival. 

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