How To Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc10 Invalid Address?

Alexa JacksonDigital Forensic Analyst
Microsoft goes to great lengths to ensure that the users don’t encounter issues while working with MS Outlook. But errors are inevitable and can occur when you least expect them. One of such errors which are encountered in Outlook is  Error 0x800ccc10 Invalid Address. The reason displayed for the error is that the address is not identical in the server. But this description is superficial. The real reasons behind this are discussed in a section of the article.

outlook-error.png Symptoms Of Outlook Error 0x800ccc10 Invalid Address
How will the user get to know that Error 0x800ccc10 has occurred? This can be observed by following symptoms. If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, it indicates that the error 0x800ccc10 has occurred.
  • The active program window gets crashed when the error is observed.
  • The system usually crashes when Outlook is used.
  • Windows runs slowly and responds to mouse and keyboard in a very slow manner.
  • While working, Outlook freezes or hangs for a few minutes.
Root Cause Of Error 0x800ccc10
If you are also experiencing the above symptoms then we know where this is heading. There are various reasons behind the occurrence of this error. It can occur during MS Outlook installation, starting or shutting of Windows or when Outlook is running. We have compiled some of the main reasons responsible for the error 0x800ccc10. Keeping a check on when the error occurs proves to be helpful while troubleshooting it. Have a look:
  • Incomplete installation of MS Outlook.
  • Downloading and installing corrupted MS Outlook.
  • Virus infection in system leading to corruption of Windows system files.
  • Corruption in Windows registry due to installation or uninstallation of any Microsoft software.
  • Unintentional deletion of Microsoft Outlook files (PST or OST).
Fixing Outlook Error 0x800ccc10
The first thing to do when you encounter this error is relax. Do not panic; you will surely find a way to work around this error. In the following section, you will find a number of solutions by which you can remove the 0x800ccc10 error.
  1. Make Changes In The Registry
    In order to remove the error you can make changes in the Windows Registry. It is strictly recommended to edit the registry only if you are an expert and have complete knowledge of the registry. This is because even a slightest mistake can render your system dysfunctional forever.

    To avoid this, make use of a certified registry cleaner. It will scan and repair all the issues generating the Error 0x800ccc10. The registry cleaner automatically finds the invalid registry entries, missing files and also registry’s broken links.

    Note: Incorrect use of Windows registry cleaner can lead to issues in systems that may lead to reinstallation of Windows. Therefore, it should made use of in a proper manner.
  2. Scan Your System For Virus Infection
    It is possible that the Error 0x800ccc10 is encountered because your system is infected with a virus or trojan. The viruses in the system can damage and corrupt the error related files. Moreover some of the components of the viruses may themselves show this error. Thus it is recommended to scan and delete such virus from your system. In order to avoid future virus intrusions, always keep your system updated with the latest version of the anti-virus installed.
  3. Clear The Junk Folder In Your System
    Normal web surfing and computer usage may lead to the accumulation of junk files in your system. Due to this file conflicts can occurs and the hard drive gets overloaded. All these lead to occurrence of the Error 0x800ccc10 and also may slow down Outlook. Thus it is advised to clean the junk files at regular intervals so as to avoid the occurrence of this error.
  4. Uninstall And Reinstall MS Outlook
    The mentioned error also occurs if there is installation problem in MS Outlook. Therefore to wipe out this error, uninstall current MS Outlook application running in your system. Then reinstall it and see if the error still occurs. If not, then the error was created due to improper installation of Outlook.
  5. Install Windows Updates
    If you think that the Error 0x800ccc10 is occurring due to the Windows system files then try this out. Install all the latest Windows updates available. Windows constantly improves and updates Windows system files that are relate to MS Outlook error. Maybe the new updates can prevent the error from occurring.
  6. Reinstall Windows
    The final solution which can be tried out is reinstalling Windows operating system. This will wipe out all the data from your hard drive. So, if you are opting for this, make sure to make a backup of your data before reinstallation. This will also clean all the junk files and folders accumulated in your system.
Error 0x800ccc10 Invalid Address can occur anytime in anyone’s system. What needs to be done is patiently trying out all the above solutions with proper precautions and full-fledged knowledge technical knowledge. Avoid performing any of the steps if you are unsure of it and take assistance from professionals.
Alexa JacksonDigital Forensic Analyst

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Readers, if you're here because you need help, please DO NOT start by following the suggestions in the article.  

The article posted here is thin on details and isn't really a fix for anything.  They're general steps which could be applied to ANY problem.  Scan and edit your registry (but "only if you're an expert") is the first step of the article's suggestion.  How about backing up the registry first in case you really bugger things up?    Maybe you have a virus.   Ok, so far that's 2 suggestions that are extremely general.  Next, clean up your junk mail folder.  Sure, you're getting the error because you have too much mail or something.  Why wouldn't this be step one?  We know that won't do anything, so then just uninstall and reinstall Office.  That's a pretty big step.  Next try windows updates.  More general tasks.  Why wouldn't updating windows be before reinstalling office?   And the last step, the author doesn't have any real fixes so she suggests simply wiping your system and starting from scratch.
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