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Synching Google Drive to your Mac/PC

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Synchronizing Google Drive to your Mac/PC can make it easier for you to keep all your files in one place. Downloading your Drive onto your computer will allow you to access your documents more quickly and will make uploading documents into your Drive much more convenient.
Follow the steps below to synchronize your Drive to your Mac/PC and to learn how to navigate through your Drive from your desktop. I am using a Mac for this guide so some things may look different on a PC, but the functionality for both is the same.
  1. To start syncing your Drive to your computer, visit https://www.google.com/drive/download/.
  2. Select Download Drive and choose Mac and PC from the drop-down menu.  1Download.png
  3. Follow the next few steps to download Drive to your computer.
  4. Once it is downloaded, open up Applications and find the Google Drive icon.
  5. Select the icon and sign in to your Gmail.
  6. You may notice that on top of your toolbar there is now a Drive symbol. This is useful to quickly access your recent documents.2ToolbarAccess.png
  7. If you click on the Drive symbol you can also share documents right there. Hover over a document and then select Share5ShareToolbar.png
  8. You can also access your Drive by using Finder. You’ll see Google Drive in the left hand side panel.
  9. Once you click on your Drive, you will see all your documents and folders. 3Drive.png
  10.  You can easily drag any document on your computer into your Google Drive. This will save the file into your Drive and on your phone as well if you have the Google Drive app.4Drag.png
If you have a lot of folders and documents, you may not want to synch all of them onto your computer. Syncing an enormous number of files can slow down your computer and quickly use up your battery.

To manage which of your files are being synced, follow these steps:
  1. Put all your documents that you wish to be synced into folders on your Drive.
  2. Using your toolbar on top, select the Google Drive icon.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose Settings > Preferences.64c6142d-6832-41ca-be92-47fc820c863f.png
  4. Under Sync options, select the option “Only sync some folders to this computer”.
  5. You can then choose which folders you would like to be synced to your computer from your Drive. Screen-Shot-2015-04-03-at-12.28.59-PM.pn
  6. Select Apply once you are finished.
Hopefully this guide helps you sync your files and navigate through your Drive from your desktop. Any files that you put in your Google Drive from your computer will automatically be shown in www.drive.google.com. You can now conveniently manage all your documents from all your devices. 
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by:Tom Beck
Thanks for the article. At least I know I set it up correctly. I have had problems with Google Drive and your article finally prompted me to post a question about it on EE.

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