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After three years of development and testing, testing and more testing, Windows 7 is officially here.

To help you sift through the millions of Windows 7 blogs, articles and tweets overrunning the tech world today, Experts Exchange has created a running Windows 7 Resource Guide, which we'll be updating throughout the day and the week with Windows 7-related content, issues, questions, articles -- everything that's going to help you better understand Microsoft's new OS.

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Windows 7 Launch

Launch day is here as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer officially lifted the curtain the new OS at a release party in New York.

"Today I get to say not only that I'm Steve Ballmer and I'm a PC," he said. "but that I'm Steve Ballmer and I'm a Windows 7 PC, effective immediately."

Launch events were also scheduled to take place in Redmond, Tokyo and Munich, along with smaller Windows 7 parties being held all over the country. If you missed out on your own personal Windows 7 Launch Party Kit, here's what you missed.

Windows 7 Retails Sales

We already know preorder sales have been through the roof, setting records at Amazon and other online retailers. In fact, Windows 7 is already more popular than Harry Potter if you can believe that one.

Some retailers even opened at midnight to give customers a head start on the installation process.

While Windows 7's sales appear to be going strong in the U.S. and even oversees in the UK, the OS is running into some retail issues in India, where off-the-shelf-packages of the OS are caught in a dispute with the country's customs department over the interpretation of taxes.  

Different Windows 7 Versions

There are three main editions of Windows 7, which has caused some confusion in the community about which edition is best for them.

The three editions are Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate.
Here is Microsoft's comparison of the three editions, with Windows 7 Ultimate offering the most features.

There is also the Windows 7 Starter edition, which is geared toward small notebook PCs - stripping out some of the options that require a lot of resources.

Windows 7 Discounts

So the above links also spell out the suggested retail prices for the different editions of Windows 7: Home Premium ($119.99), Professional ($199.99) and Ultimate ($219.99).

Now the question being asked is, "Where can I get the best deal?" Well, if you bought a qualifying PC with Vista or a copy of the Vista OS, you may have qualified for a free (or at least cheaper) upgrade. Check participating manufacturers on the Windows 7 upgrade page. There's also a 7 days of Windows 7 campaign on the Microsoft site.

Other legal ways to get Windows 7 for less (if you qualify), include going with the Family Pack, Enterprise or Student versions.

Windows 7 Themes

After you've spent your day downloading Windows 7 and checking out the new features, personalize your laptop or PC with one of the many desktop themes Microsoft offers. Featured themes include a variety of subjects like high-end automobiles, movies and cartoons, while international themes are scenic portraits from all over the world.  

If you don't see one you like, Microsoft gives step-by-step instructions on how to create your own theme.  

Get Your Windows 7 Questions Answered by our Experts

Thanks to the Experts in the Windows 7 Zone for their contributions. We've already got two Masters in the zone, tenaj-207 and LeeTutor, and a couple more in the works, akhafaf and leew.

Experts Exchange's Experts entered the week having answered more than 750 questions in the Windows 7 Zone.

Write Your Own Review, Earn Points in the Process

Have you tried Windows 7? Write a review or how-to Article about your experience with Microsoft's new OS.

We've also got some great Windows 7 reviews pouring in, so be sure to check out our Articles page for future additions.
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I enjoyed reading the Windows 7 article at http:viewArticle.jsp?aid=1867 titled "Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode."  It seems Virtual Machines are becoming more and more popular and common.  The article has some great info on Windows 7's contribution to it and I think highlights and explains a feature that will be very interesting for many.

Definitely a great Article, and added it to the list along with a link to the other Windows 7 Articles in the OS area. Thanks to everyone for your contributions!

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