Playing with Time Conversion in Excel

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Lot of times in Excel we have to do quick time conversion that is...The time is given in

Time format which is -->12:00:00 and we need to convert it into a number format that is -->12

A quick multipication of same by 24 will convert it to the number format...

so lets say A1-->12:00:00 then in B1-->A1*24 will gives a desired result...Note:- we need to format b1 to Number, By right click over the b1 and format cell.

Similary to find minutes in number format we can do -->A1*24*60 or -->A1*1440 which will give the answer in minutes which is for 12:00:00 is 720 minutes.

In addition to do a vice-versa we can go ahead and divide the same by 24 as in converting number back to time.
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