Top 10 WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Installing

Nowadays, it is so easy to get started with a website and all thanks to the Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many others like them. However, if we talk about the reliability and ratings, WordPress definitely rules the chart with number one position. To some extent, the credit holders to this success are the plugins that are available to boost up presence of the website.

If you stay here with us for few minutes, we will help you to get known with the best plugins that are available for WordPress for varied categories like content or image optimization, security, Search Engine Optimization, and much more. Okay, so let’s get started!

1: WP for Image Optimization
Images play an explanatory role in a blog post but if the images are large in size, the website might take time to load. This will bring negative effect to the website in terms of user experience as well as the search engines.

With WP plugin, the effects can be overcome. It will work on graphic, pictures, screenshots, reduces their file size without affecting their quality. Also, if the blogs prior to the plugin installation have to be optimized, it can be done on one click.

Although, this plugin can be downloaded free of cost, its premium version can be availed for better facilities. For example: the paid version will compress the images that are 8MB or above in size.

2: Infinite SEO for Search Engine Optimization
Considering that a good content will automatically crate a route for the readers to visit the website is a wrong perception. Along with a quality content, it is important that it is correctly optimized. By installing the Infinite SEO plugin, you can stay carefree about the required on-site tasks. This includes creating sitemap for search engines, creating proper meta description etc.

Another captivating advantage of this plugin is it will link the words and phrases of the content with already existing posts which will help the readers to explore the more of the website. To take up advantage of this plugin, one has to invest 19.6 USD per month. 

3: Floating Social for Social Media Promotion
Now when the SEO part is done, make sure that enhanced exposure of the content to as many readers as possible through social media. However, for this you have make the sharing job easy for the readers.

Through Floating Social, you can add buttons to the website that will help the visitors to easily share what they read. This plugin has support for popular social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and many more. As per preference or appearance of the website, these buttons can be customized. 

4: Visual Form Builder for Contact Information
Feedback on topic can help you to know what your readers think about it. Adding a feedback form will also allow the visitors to enquire about your services. Although, this can be done through an email address added to the website but at the same time, it creates risk of spam or unwanted messages.

With the Visual Form Builder plugin, you get the facility to create custom fields according to your choice. The good part is, the forms will include human-friendly anti-spam verification. Creating a form without writing a code in PHP, HTML, or CSS is possible with the free edition which can work at an individual level. For better functionality, its pro version can be purchased. 

5: Comment Notification on Blog
Interacting with the readers through comment is one of the finest ideas to stay connected with them. If the default comment system of the WordPress is used, it will not keep the readers updated. This is because, there is no way to make the readers known to the fact that somebody has replied to their comment.

By installing this plugin named Send Email Only on Reply to My Comment, this problem can be solved. With this, the readers will get notifications when someone has responded on their comment. Also, if the users opt for the service, they have the option of unsubscribing it also. 

6: Prevent Comment Spamming with Akismet
While on one end comments prove to be a way to communicate with the readers, it can also turn up your blogs into a spamming medium. With plugins like Akismet, comment spamming can be prevented. Although this now comes integrated with the WordPress, but still it is necessary sign up and activate it. 

7: Wordfence for WordPress Security
To prevent your website from falling prey to attacks of hackers, there is a WordPress plugin called Wordfence that can be installed. Once it is downloaded and installed, it will thoroughly scan the website and inform bout vulnerabilities (if any). 

8: BackWPup for Creating Backup
A backup is mandatory, no matter how safe you are! This prevents you from unexpected attack or loss. With BackWPup, you can maintain a backup of WordPress website to Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP Server, or SugarSync. The good part is a backup schedule can be set as per requirement.  

9: W3 Total Cache to Speed up Site Caching
For improving performance of this website, this is another plugin that you can adopt. This will speed up loading of the website that will give a better experience to the user and will help it to rank better in the search engine ranking. 

10: Email Subscriber List with Pop-Up Pro
Newsletter is one of the efficient ways to stay connected with the readers. Once you are permitted to send an email to them, you have chance to reach them even if they are not on your blog. This is another medium for having followers on social networking websites.

This plugin with generate a pop up window on screen where you can have form to fill up details for newsletter, links to captivating contents etc.

With some of these plugins, it is possible to manage the WordPress website with absolute ease. All you need to do is just write and post the content and stay carefree about rest of the optimization tasks.

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