How to install latest cumulative updates on Lync 2010 Servers.

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Experts-Exchange users below are the steps you can follow to upgrade your Lync server to latest CU's or cumulative updates.
Note: Perform it during non-production hours.
Step 1: Backup your lync and SQL server database. Follow below article:

Step 2: Install all latest windows patches on your lync servers. Use Windows updates. Better to Install a week before installing Lync Patches.
1) Goto>Control Panel>Windows Update>Check for updates>Install
2) Restart server after Windows patches are completed. One server at a time.
Step 3: Download the Cumulative Server Update tool and security updates from Microsoft website. Copy them on all Lync servers.
Cumulative Server Update Tool:
Security updates:
Note: With new release above tools might change. This is the recent one, i used to install on my lync servers.
Step 4: Follow below sequence to patch your lync servers:
1) Front-End Servers
2) AV/Monitoring/Director Servers
3) Edge Servers
Step 5: Installing Cumulative updates
1) Login to front-end servers and run LyncServerUpdateInstaller tool, you downloaded in step 3.
2) At Security Warning pop-up. Click Run and it will load the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Cumulative update installer window.
3) Here you will see, what patches are pending to be installed in with red cross mark in right.
4) Click on Install Updates button. Once all patches are installed, you will see, green check mark and install updates will be grayed out.
5) Now click on close and restart the server. Once it is up, verify all lync related services are running. Check event logs for any error.
6) Keep 30 mins gap before patching next servers.
7) Follow same steps for rest of the servers roles.
Note: Use account, which has full admin rights on Lync and SQL database. Best to use Lync service account.
Step 6: Once all servers are patched, update the Lync back-end database by executing the below command from one of the Front-End servers
1) Right click Lync Management Shell and select Run-as Administrator.
2) Install-CsDatabase -Update -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn "" –UseDefaultSqlPaths
3) If Exit Code: Success (0). That means update is completed.
Note: Lync Service account need full permission on your SQL instance. Contact your SQL admin, in case you face permission issue.
AmitIT Architect
If you need my quick help, raise the ticket with highest priority.

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