How to Stay Organized with Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is a great tool to use for staying organized with your company or a group of people. It allows you to add events and appointments and share your calendar in real-time with others whether they are using the app on their phone or on the site on their computer.
Use this guide to get started with Google Calendar.

Sharing your Calendar 

  1. Go to www.google.com/calendar and log in with your Gmail account. 
  2. Your calendar will be shown like the one seen below. 1Calendar-.png
  3. To share a calendar with others, select the arrow key next to the calendar you want to be shared and choose Share this Calendar2.png
  4. Enter in the email addresses of the people you would like to share your calendar with. 3.png
  5. To share your calendar with someone who does not have access to Google Calendar, select the arrow key next to your calendar and choose Calendar settingsCalendarSettings.png
  6. Then find the Calendar Address section and select HTML. You will then be given a link that you can share with others to view your Calendar through any web browser. You can also use this link to embed your calendar on a website or blog. HTML.png

Creating Events 

  1. To enter something into your schedule, select Create on the top left hand corner.
  2. Add the timing, date, location and other details of the event. You can also color-code the event as well. 4.png
  3. You can even add a video call into your event. This way, people that share the calendar with you can join the call straight from their Google Calendar. Select Add video call to do this.5.png
  4. To start the video call, select Join video call by clicking on the event on your calendar. 6.png

Adding a To-Do List 

  1. Add a to-do list onto your Google Calendar by selecting Tasks under your calendar list.  Tasks.png
  2. You can then add items to your list. TaskList.png
  3. Select the arrow key next to the task to add due dates which will place the task into your calendar. TaskDate.png
  4. You can then check off items on your task list. TaskCheck.png
Hopefully this guide helps keep your group or company on the same page and increases organization as well. 
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