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How to Perform Duplex Scanning with a Simplex Scanner in PaperPort Versions 11, 12, 14

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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
50+ years in computer industry. Everything from development to sales. CIO. Document imaging. EE MVE 2015, EE MVE 2016, EE FELLOW 2017.
In a previously published article here at Experts Exchange, I explained how to achieve duplex (double-sided) scanning in Nuance's PaperPort software with a hardware-capable duplex scanner, that is, a scanner which has an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) capable of scanning both sides of a document. A recent question here at EE prompted me to write this additional article, which explains how to achieve duplex scanning in PaperPort with a simplex scanner, that is, a scanner whose ADF is capable of scanning only the front side of a document.

As with the previous article, this one applies to the three most recent versions of PaperPort, i.e., 11, 12, and 14 — yes, Nuance got superstitious and did not release a version 13.

Here are the steps to achieve duplex scanning in PaperPort (either Standard or Professional) with a simplex scanner:
  • Click the Scan Settings button on the Ribbon in PP12 and PP14, or the Scan or Get Photo icon on the toolbar in PP11. You will now have the Scan or Get Photo pane:

  • Select a Scanner and a Scanning Profile.
  • Tick the Show Capture Assistant box.
  • Place the document in the (simplex) ADF and click the Scan button.
  • In PaperPort Standard, you will get this:

  • In PaperPort Professional, you will get this:

  • Remove the document from the output tray, turn it over so that the last page is on the top, place it in the ADF, and click the Scan Other Side button.
  • In PaperPort Standard, you will get this:

  • In PaperPort Professional, you will get this:

  • Click the Done button in PaperPort Standard or the Done Scanning button in PaperPort Professional.

That's it! PaperPort has put the pages together correctly and you now have a document created from double-sided pages with just your simplex scanner:

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