Extract Text and Images from PDF Document Conviniently

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Learn simple and easy methods to extract text and images from PDF documents. Extract data from the selected pages of Adobe PDF files. The user either manual or professional solution to save data from PDF document.

The celerity and the momentum achieved with the addition of PDF file format to the business workflow have definitely proliferated our capabilities of sharing information. The PDF file format provides an accepted platform for transferring information with ease. It helps to get away with the concern of working on multiple computer platforms. Reason being the application that is used for viewing PDF files is compatible with almost all the platforms.

Sometimes we want to extract text and images from PDF document so that we can use that content in some other application. Developers who are interested in enhanced web applications or manipulation of PDF document look for the solution or best software to extract text from PDF.

Ways to Extract Data from PDF Document

In such case, the PDF file that contains only image files requires to be converted into an image-on-text file with the help of Optical Character Recognition. However, there are other ways too those are discussed in detail below

  • Manual: Adobe Acrobat
  • Professional: SysTools PDF Toolbox

Extract Text and Images from PDF File by Using Adobe Acrobat

The manual procedure for the extraction of text and images from PDF document requires the installation of Adobe Acrobat on your system.

Extract Text from PDF File

For extracting large amounts of texts from an entire PDF document, users can make use of the Save As option for saving the file in RTF file format. Reason being this type of file format will enable users to execute some text formatting such as you can make the items Bold, in italics or underline it.

  • Select the File option and choose the Save As option


  • When the Save As option appears, name the file, save the file as RTF and select the desired location to save the file


The resultant file saved in RTF file format can be opened with a word processing document such as Microsoft Word


Extract Images from PDF File

Similarly, users can extract pictures from the PDF documents with the help of Adobe Acrobat. The procedure for extracting images from an Adobe document is stated below.

  • Choose the select tool located on the top toolbar


  • Then, left click on the image to select the specified image which you need to extract from the PDF


  • Once you select the image, right click on the image to get the Save Image As option


  • Then name the file and save the files as JPEG Image files


  • On opening the saved JPEG file with the help of an Image Viewer, users will get to see only the extracted image


The above procedure describes the way to extract text and images from PDF document successfully. However, there are some limitations associated with this way of extracting images and texts

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro is too expensive for users to afford
  2. Extraction of images from the bulk of documents is not possible

To eliminate the above-discussed discrepancies we can take the help of a third-party tool such as SysTools Free PDF Toolbox.


Extract Text and Images from PDF with SysTools PDF Toolbox

SysTools Free PDF Toolbox follows a competent approach to extract data from PDF files to a destination that a user wants. With this option, users will get an opportunity to convert a PDF document to a genuine thesis document. Get the procedure details to know how it helps in the extraction of texts and images from PDF document.


Steps to Extract Text from PDF File with PDF Toolbox


  • Select the option EXTRACT TEXT from the software interface to start with the process of extraction of text


  • Then select on either of the options Add File or Add Folder for adding PDF files

  • Now choose the PDF documents from which you are supposed to extract the text and then select Open tab


  • The application will provide the display of all the files that are selected. After that select the destination location and proceed by clicking on Next

  • Here, you will have to enter some details for the extraction of text

  1. Enable options regarding formatting of the page
  2. Option for maintaining page number


  • You can also select the Advance Settings options for the addition of text on the header and footer of the pages


  • Select the pages on which you wish the processes to be carried out.

  1. The first option allows carrying changes for all pages, even or odd numbered pages.
  2. The second option allows you to select the pages by mentioning the ranges
  3. The third option allows you to mention the specific page numbers

  • After that click on the Next

  • The application will present you with the array of option that you have selected for the extraction of text. Then click on Start to proceed with the process.

  • After the completion of the process, you can locate the extracted text in your chosen location


The method mentioned above shows the complete process to extract data from PDF document. Now, we will follow the process for the extraction of the image with PDF Toolbox.

Extract Images from PDF Documents with PDF Toolbox


  • Select the option EXTRACT IMAGES to start with the method of extracting images from the PDF files

  • Choose any of the options between Add files or Add folders to select PDF files for the extraction of images


  • After that select the destination folder for saving the resultant files and click on Next

  • Now specify the details of the extraction procedure. Select the format in which the extracted images are to be saved


  • Additionally, you can also move for the Additional Settings that provides users the option for specifying the maximum and minimum size for the image


  • After that, you can select the pages for which you want to carry out the options that you have selected

  1. You can select all the pages or in even and odd number sequence
  2. You can select a particular range of pages
  3. Alternatively, mention the page numbers

  • By selecting any one of the three options, proceed to the level of the process by clicking on Next


  • The next step will provide the display of options that have been selected for the extraction of images. After going through the summary of options, select the Start button


  • With this, the extraction process comes to end and this is confirmed by the confirmation message that appears on the screen



The processes that have been described for the extraction of text and images from PDF documents provide the facility to opt any of the two methods. The manual solution to extract text and images from PDF files does not support the extraction in a bulk process. 

In such a case, it is better to go for third party solutions like SysTools PDF Toolbox Freeware that presents you with the wide range of options. These options help users to extract data from PDF files with more ease. Apart from the extraction of content, the PDF Toolbox also provides users with other facilities such as compression of PDF documents and conversion of PDF file to PDF/A format.


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