Installing Elementary OS on Oracle virtual Box

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Elementary operating system is a very pretty, high speed, lightweight Linux operating system for 32 and 64-bit x86 computers. This OS is built on an Ubuntu core. To install elementary OS we need to download the ISO file from its website i.e. https://elementary.io/
pic-1.pngIf you scroll down on the website you will see like below, to download click on Download button as shown below:

Now you can choose 32 0r 64 bit ISO file:

pic-4.pngNow open your virtual machine box to create our new VM.
pic-6.pngClick on New button to start:
Provide the name of the VM you want to create, I used as “elementaryOS”.  Now click on next button and proceed further. 
pic-8.pngSelect the memory size and click on next.

pic-9.pngClick on create.

pic-10.pngClick next.

pic-11.pngpic-12.pngKeep as default and click next and then choose the directory where you want the VM to be installed. Finally click on create button. 

pic-13.pngNow click on the setting gear icon to map the iso file. 

Now “Ok” button.  After all the basic settings start the VM to install the OS. 

pic-1.pngNow click on “Install elementary”.

pic-2.pngClick on continue. 

pic-3.pngClick Install Now and proceed with default selection including location as below. 

pic-4.pngSelect the Keyboard type you want to choose I am going with the default option with US English. 

pic-5.pngpic-6.pngFill the information on the system name, username and password [We should use a proper password but I am using a very simple one as this is just for a demo]. The below screen will show the progress of the installation that is done. 

pic-7.pngpic-8.pngOnce the installation is completed it will prompt you to restart the VM. Proceed with clicking on “Restart Now” button. Finally you will see the screen to input your password as like below:

pic-9.pngOnce the password is provide you will see the below screen:

Finally the Elementary operating system is installed and ready to use.
Author:Swadhin Ray
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