Installing Linux Mint OS on Oracle Virtual Box

Swadhin Ray
The purpose of this article is to show how we can create Linux Mint virtual machine using Oracle Virtual Box. To install Linux Mint we have to download the ISO file from its website i.e. Once you open the link you will see a download option at the right side of the page, go to the download page from the menu :

pic-2.pngYou can download 32 bit or 63 bit image and I am using 32 bit as my system is with 32 bit OS . I have downloaded and kept it on my specific directory where I can map to my Virtual Box while installing it.
Now open the VMBox and click on New to create virtual machine and map the ISO image to proceed with installing.  Once you set up all the necessary settings on memory space and disk space you will see the screen like below and then you can click on start button to start the installation.

Follow below steps shown with screen shot to start the virtual machine creation: 
2015-07-05-19-21-31-.jpgCick on New and proceed next :
2015-07-05-19-19-08-Oracle-VM-VirtualBoxGive any name to the virtual machine and select the type and version , click Next:
2015-07-05-19-19-26-.jpgSelect the memory size you want the VM to have -  I am using 1GB of RAM i.e. 1024 MB approximately. 

Click on Create button.
2015-07-05-19-20-52-.jpgClick Next. 

2015-07-05-19-21-00-Oracle-VM-VirtualBoxI am trying all default setting for installing the OS but you can choose as per your need. 
2015-07-05-19-21-18-.jpgHere we can set the size of the virtual hard drive . Once filled click on Create button. 

2015-07-05-19-21-31-.jpg Now set the ISO file which was downloaded from Linux Mint website. 
sloba-000006.jpgUnder storage tree you can select the Empty and select the ISO file by mapping under attributes as shown like below: 

sloba-000007.jpgAfter clicking OK button you will see the VM which is ready to start , where we can proceed with our installation. 

swadhin.ray-000002.pngInitially the live OS will start up as like below :

swadhin.ray-000003.png swadhin.ray-000004.png

Once you see the screen like above double click on the CD or DVD icon naming Install Linux Mint to install on the hard drive. 

Click on continue button. 
I am using the default setting , you can click on continue button. 

swadhin.ray-000008.pngSelect the first option to Erase disk and install Linux Mint and click on Install Now button. 

swadhin.ray-000009.pngClick on continue button to proceed further. 
swadhin.ray-000011.pngSelect your location and click Continue button. 
swadhin.ray-000012.pngSelect your keyboard layout, I am keeping the default one (which is English), then continue. 

swadhin.ray-000013.pngProvide a username and password for the account and click continue. 

Wait till the installation get completed .

swadhin.ray-000015.pngOnce the installation is done it will prompt you to restart the VM , so click on restart now and wait .


swadhin.ray-000017.pngEnter the username that you have given and click OK . 

swadhin.ray-000018.pngNow provide the password that was selected during the user creation.  

swadhin.ray-000019.pngYou will see the welcome message on the screen as like above  , you can close it and finally you will see the below screen. 

swadhin.ray-000020.pngNow the Linux Mint OS is installed and ready to use. 

Swadhin Ray

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