Error "Source server does not meet minimum requirements for migration" while migrating to SBS 2008

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A lot of problems and solutions are available on the net for the error message "Source server does not meet minimum requirements for migration" while performing a migration from Small Business Server 2003 to SBS 2008. This error pops up just before the Migration Wizard starts and after reading the answer file SBSAnswerFile.xml.

Since me and one of my colleagues just spend a Friday night searching, an extra post/article could be helpful for others.

Our issue was caused by using two versions of the SBS 2008 DVDs.  One with SP integrated, and one without. In the new DVD, the SourceTool has been updated.

An important change is that the new tool has an installation package (SourceTool.MSI) while the existing one is a standalone executable (SourceTool.exe). This MSI package needs to be installed on the source domain controller. The new tool must be used with the new media. The new tool will work with older media, but not the other way around.

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Thanks 3WT - you just saved me the pain of a similar Friday night search.
It is worth noting that merely running the new SourceTool.MSI on top of a previously updated source server and reboot is sufficient to allow the migration to proceed. Some of the information out there had me dreading that I might have to roll back the source server to before the SourceTool.exe had been run on it.
Thanks again

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Yeah thanks guys!!  It was a huge relief to find this article!!!  I've already had one bad experience with a large migration and this one's only a small site!  Due to the fact that most SBS 2003 servers have got CD drives as opposed to DVD drives I had been relying on an old copy of the 'Tools' directory....the new SP2 integrated one has that .msi and it looks totally different to the original! Thanks again saved me a night of worry!


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I love you ;-)

Just wasted a day because of this, rather silly, problem.
Suites me right for trying to be clever and prepare things on the source server using my old trusted files.


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Wish I had found this 6 Hours ago!


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