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I didn’t use eM Client for long when I decided to swap to Outlook 2016. The reason for the switch is that it started asking for payment to continue some of its services after one month.
The problems I faced when I didn’t pay were:
  • I was not able to send or receive any new emails and was only able to do Off-line work
  • Could only configure two accounts - If I wanted more, then I had to pay
  • Most importantly, I noticed that some of the comments I made on its group were missing
These were enough reasons for me to say goodbye to eM Client permanently. However, that was not the end of my problems. First, my laptop started to give me problems and second, I had to decide which email client I would use next. The former was not much of an issue as Windows 10 was so popular that I had to try it, so I upgraded & got myself a Windows 10 setup. The latter is much more of an issue. When it came to the email client, the choice was not as difficult as I was already aware of Outlook. I decided to use its latest 2016 edition.
Wth me though, the problems never stop. While switching from eM Client to Outlook, I found it only has the option to export the emails in .eml & as luck would have it, Outlook 2016 did not have any option to import eml files. So, basically, I was stranded with around 9000+ eml files & had zero idea of how to import them into Outlook 2016.
My problem was solved when I found SoftSpire EML to PST Converter. It converted all the eml messages of eM Client into Outlook data PST file, which is easily accessible in MS Outlook 2016. It also maintained folder arrangements of the mails, as well as their layout.
Its cost is very affordable; the personal license is available for 29 USD only. It allows you to convert only 1 folder of eml files at one time, for converting more folders and the conversion step had to be repeated. So, I opted for its Unlimited License that let me convert multiple eml files folder of eM Client in a single process & also saved each folder in individual PST, so I was able to keep the emails from different user accounts separated.
"With unlimited license it hardly took me 15 minutes to convert & import eM Client emails into my MS Outlook 2016 account."

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