Introduction to Exchange Server 2016 Preview Release

Microsoft has announced the release of the successor of Exchange 2013 i.e., Exchange Server 2016, a new member of the Exchange family. At the Ignite Fest held in Chicago, Microsoft has introduced the Exchange Server 2016 & illustrated some of its awesome qualities. A preview version is now available for download but the final release is planning to ship in the second half or later this year. You can install the preview version to get hands-on experience of the newest member.

Basically, the  newest Exchange Server 2016 is something different because of its discovery in the cloud. There are lots of key improvements  that can be explored by trying out the Preview Release. Let’s check out some of the changes driven in Exchange 2016 at a high scale. From this release, Microsoft has brought up innovation from their datacenters to the general crowds.

Advanced Architectures

The Architecture of the Exchange Server 2016 is an advancement of the architecture which was delivered in Exchange 2013. The best Architecture has been deployed in the Exchange 2016. Most important changes to look at is, CAS Roles & Mailbox Server Roles have been combined that will offer an advanced building block to build up an Exchange environments.

Enhanced Reliability

Exchange 2016 is made with improved reliability so that you can run the Exchange server with less effort. Looking back on the issues of Office 365, Microsoft fixes several performance & reliability issues in its Cumulative Updates of Exchange 2013 but Exchange 2016 has brought up more enhancements except these fixes.

Talking about the Failovers, Exchange Server 2016 is 33% faster than the Exchange Server 2013. This is on the basis of the ability of reading the passive copy of the database.  Additionally, the Replay Log Manager is Set to ON by default, which plays down the Replication Logs in case of insufficient availability of database copies.

The most important changes that brought up in Exchange 2016 is that, a new Exchange Powershell Command has been introduced- Get-MailboxServerRedundancy’  which helps the users in solving out hardware problem & also makes the up-gradation easier.

New Outlook Web App

With the continuous effort, Microsoft has made efficient updates to “Outlook Web App”  which is now going to be known as “Outlook on the web”. This New Outlook includes some extra features such as Pin, Undo, Sweep, Inline reply, single-line inbox view, better formats, new themes, new emojis etc. Also, there are some improvements in mobile browsing experience.
Faster Search

After analysing the fact how people search, Microsoft has implemented the changes in search architecture & also User’s interface of Office 365 which is going to be come on-premises.
Talking about the overall speed, Server side search is improved significantly in Exchange 2016 which will be going to give more benefits to the clients. Whenever, a client of cached mode enabled Outlook 2016 gets connected to the Exchange, the searches queries are performed utilizing the robust index of server which will undoubtedly deliver faster & more reliable results to the users. Also, a new User Interface has been delivered with Outlook 2016 & Outlook on the web.

Enhanced DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Data Loss Prevention is an inbuilt feature of Exchange which helps in protecting the sensitive information. This feature is now coming with more enhanced capabilities which provides more security in handling the sensitive information.
Additionally, more enhancements is done to increase its capability, & as a result, it is now possible to configure the Transport Rule & DLP for triggering out the problem related to the content. Now, it is also possible to configure custom mail notifications in the case when the mail got impacted by your rules which are sent to the recipients.

Scalable eDiscovery

Microsoft has also made some change in eDiscovery. Users can now perform faster eDiscovery searches & more reliable too. Search scalability via the User Interface has also been improved, & now unlimited nos. of mailboxes is now possible to search through cmdlets. Through this release, you can also perform eDiscovery on Public Folder content.
Hybrid Improvements

Improvements in Hybrid will allow you to increase your deployment of Exchange to the cloud. From Exchange 2016, the hybrid configuration is now cloud based that will help in doing work smoother & gets you in touch with the changes in Office 365.


There is still much more to come in the final release of Exchange 2016  but, the preview release is just a first impression of the final one. Remember one thing, the preview release is only for the non-production deployment.  So, take a tour of Exchange 2016 Preview Release & explore the new world with it. Check out the new preview release here.

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