How to Get Statistics from Exchange 2007 Regarding Mobile Devices

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Ever curious about the number of mobile devices being used in the organization?  Exchange 2007 has the ability to spit those numbers out&.you just have to ask the correct questions&

Using the Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics cmdlet I was able to compile a list of devices that have synced within the last 2 weeks.

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize:Unlimited | ForEach {Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox:$_.Identity} | Where {$_.LastSuccessSync -gt '11/02/2008'}

Now, massage that command a bit so that it exports the results in a better way:

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize:Unlimited | ForEach {Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox:$_.Identity} | Where {$_.LastSuccessSync -gt '11/02/2008'} | Sort-Object -Property DeviceType,Identity | Select-Object @{name="EmailAddress";expression={$_.Identity.ToString().Split("\")[]0]}},DeviceType | Export-Csv -Path:"C:\Statistics.csv"
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