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« unrestricted Access » is an EE-Book about Microsoft Access. It's not a manual or a reference, it's a collection of tips, tricks, solutions, and advanced techniques. Each page removes, in some small way, a perceived restriction or limitation of Access...


Since I started answering questions on Experts-Exchange, I noticed that my comments were often quite long. Longer than the media — basically a forum — or the questions would require. This happened whenever I started explaining rather than answering: sometimes, the simple version of the answer wasn't understood, or it needed some level of understanding to be used.

Apparently, I like to write. Technical stuff (but not only), things that can be explained, things I know well.

When I returned to EE after a sabbatical in October 2009, the new “article” feature was in place. I started answering questions again, and I also wrote an article for Access — quite technical — and one for Excel — lighter and for a larger audience. With these two, I had caught the virus. I took the time to explore thoroughly the possibilities (and limits) of the formatting, and my tests became yet another article, kindly published in the Article Tips area.

A little later, one new article was assigned this number, ID 2003. This was funny, because you can link to an article using a shortcut: A_2003.html, and Access 2003 is the topic I'm mostly writing about. So I decided to keep this article as entry point or as "table of contents", it will be easy to remember for me. This also makes my random collection of articles feel more like a book.


Cascading Combos (2011-06)
Printing a Schedule — in preparation
Printing a Gantt Chart — in preparation
Printing labels (2009-11)
The Smart Combo (2009-10)
Searching for Names — in preparation


This is a work in progress, and this page will be updated whenever a new article is added or published. In case the page is moved to another zone at some point, the address will change as well, but the shortcut URL will still work: e-e.com/A_2003.html (also found on my profile).

Small Print

All articles remain the intellectual property of the author, and Experts-Exchange is granted a full licence to use the material on its site. You may use the contents freely in your own applications, but you may not reproduce any portion of the articles on any public media without written consent from either the author or Experts-Exchange.
© Markus G Fischer, Geneva, 2009–2011

If you want to learn more about me, please visit my blog on EE. I started it to report on new articles and to “write about writing”, but it turned into something rather more personal.

I hope you enjoy reading these pages as much as I enjoy writing them. If you do, please do not forget to answer 'yes' when asked if the article was helpful. This is often the only feedback I get; the visitor count doesn't tell me which type of articles and which topics are worth writing about!

« Bonne lecture ! » (happy reading!)

Markus G Fischer

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