Exchange Shutdown/Restart is very slow

Dhiraj MuthaLevel D
When you try to shut down or Restart the Exchange Server 2003, it takes age to shutdown due to some of the important processes get killed during shutdown and which makes other process to get hung making the shutdown slower.
Use the below code of the batch file and put that file in the Shutdonw Script.
net stop MSExchangeES /y
                      net stop MSExchangeIS /y
                      net stop MSExchangeMTA /y
                      net stop MSExchangeSA /y
                      net stop WinHttpAutoProxySvc /y

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Looks good...
Dhiraj MuthaLevel D


Try it out, it will be good. I have used it and found usefull.
Till date I always used to follow this simple batch file presented at

But will try to check if working with your script is faster or slower.
tigermattStaff Platform Engineer
Most Valuable Expert 2011


Just to point out, the reason behind slow shutdowns on a DC running Exchange is due to the way by which Exchange integrates with Active Directory. When you restart a DC running Exchange, the Active Directory services shutdown before the Exchange services close down. Thus, the Exchange DSACCESS routine, used by Exchange to integrate with Active Directory, tries to contact Active Directory, fails (the service has already shut down) and you must wait for DSACCESS to timeout before the server will restart.

By stopping the Exchange services before Active Directory shuts down, you eliminate this problem. And remember, with Exchange on a member server, this should not be necessary.

Agree with you on that. !!! Same is the situation when the box reboots - you would always find a delay in starting up for similar reasons.

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