Configure GALSync Between Exchange 2007 Cross forest

Domain Setup

A Domain
1. One DC with DNS
2. One Exchange 2007 with CAS,HUB and Mailbox Server roles installed

K Domain
1. One DC with DNS
2. One Exchange 2007 with CAS,HUB and Mailbox Server roles installed
3. Windows 2003 for ILM 2007 SP1   - Prerequisite Powershell, Exchange 2007 Management

To configure Mail flow between forest

1. Configure DNS forwared for and K.Com for DNS resolution
2. Login to ADC and open DNS Services and Properties
3. Forwarders and IP address for

 ADC Properties
4. Once this is done perform the same steps on KDC and configure forderwares for
5. Then configure forest trust. Open Active Directory Domain and trusts on KDC to configure two way forest trust between two forest

 Forest Trust
6. Create Internal Send Connector between two exchange forest

7. Create OU for GALsyncronisation in both the domain. Below is the OU Path to dump the contacts from the Target Forest


8. Login to Ksync make sure that you have installed with Powershell 1.0, Exchange 2007 management console and SQL 2005 SP1

9. Install ILM 2007 SP1 default installation

10. Open Identity Manager

11. Click on Management Agents and click Create
 Management Agent
12. Select Active Directory Global Address List(GAL) and provide appropriate Name

Create GAL
13.  On Configure Directory Partition select Containers. On the Select Containers page, clear the top-level check box for the directory partition, select the containers for which this management agent will gather and store information, and then click OK. Make sure that you point to OU=Contacts,OU=A,OU=GALSyncronisation,DC=K,DC=Com

 Configure Directory Partition
14. Select the Target path as show below and click on Source to Select the source ou where users, contacts and groups are residing. Make sure that Route mail throught this forest for all the contact from the contacts in this forest  and Support Cross-Forest delegation(Exchange 2007 only) is checked

 Configure GAL
15.Click next until you get the last page Configure Extensions and Check Enable Exchange 2007 Provisioning

 Conifugre Extenstion

16. Create the Similar Management Agent AGAL for sync objects from K domain to A domain. Below is the snap of the Management Agents for both the domain

17. Right lick on each of the MA Created above and select run and select below option one by one
Full Import (Staging Only)
Full Synchronization
Delta Import

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