Errors & Diagnostics of Hardware

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Mohammed Hamada
I am a senior IT consultant for Azure, Telecom, Messaging and collaboration and Infra. I have been in the IT sector since 15 years.
What actually got me to think of writing an article is that someone might also have the same symptoms while trying to format a PC, or all of a sudden the computer starts acting weird.

Almost 2 weeks ago a client called me and told me that he likes to upgrade 3 PCs for his company's desktop PCs. I purchased 3 Mobos (Asrock), 3 Pieces of 1 Gig ram and 2.8 Core 2 duo processor.

I successfully managed to finish 2 upgrades in one day and the last one took me around 2 weeks to find out what its problem was. After replacing all the old components for the third PC and installing fresh copy of windows, the harddisk got corrupted and plates started making weird crackle sounds.

Had to change the Harddisk Drive, installed windows again... After a few days the client called and reported that the PC is restarting by it self with BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)... After checking the event viewer there were lots of errors related to HDD.

The error was : "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation."

Tried to search over the internet, and also on EE but not one answer among all of the solutions provided was successful. And I had to buy another new HDD, installed windows again, then changed most of the Power & SATA cables, but, the client reported the same errors yet again...

I changed the mobo with a new (ASROCK) mobo and replaced ram... and was about to buy a new Gigabyte mobo but before that thought of changing the PSU (Power Supply Unit)... However I wanted to precisely figure out why and when does this problem persists. Found out that when I plug any USB Flash disk or inserting a CD the error will start getting generated in the event log and got BSOD again.

I changed the PSU and checked by running disk Defragment with USB plugged in, CD is spinning with MS office 2003 installing and Nod32 antivirus scanning computer..

Computer didn't report any errors and the problem turned out to be a lack of electricty !  So, after all that work, all those replacement parts, the one thing that stopped the upgrade from working properly was the PSU. Seems logical now (after the event) but at the time, the errors suggested other things.

Hope this is useful for anyone that had this error message :
An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation

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