A Quick Peek At Microsoft Outlook 2016 & Its Updated Features

In this article, we have listed all the brand new as well as upgraded features in Outlook 2016. The pictorial representation of the features will help to get a better understanding and working of the features. By the end of the article, the users will be well acquainted with all the new features.
Microsoft finally put an end to the long wait of users for the launch of MS Office 2016. The version, released on September 22, 2015 is now available for the MS suite as well as in other packages like Office 365 Home, University, Personal as well as Business. The new features that have been added in Office 2016 applications will make you upgrade your Office 2013 in order to access the upgraded version of your favorite apps. The discussions made in this article will only be restricted to Outlook 2016. It will give you detailed information about every feature that has been added in all new Outlook 2016.

Key Features In All New Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 has updated features that you have used before, as well. All these features will enable you to work in a much faster and easier way with emails, contacts, calendars, etc. Have a look at all the new features you can work with in Outlook 2016.

1. More Colorful - If you were not happy with the color scheme of earlier versions of Outlook, then there is good news for you. The default color scheme of Outlook 2016 has been made quite colorful and the Ribbon color matches he icon color of Outlook.

6.png2. Select Recent Email AttachmentsOutlook 2016 provides you with an upgraded Attach File option. When the users attach the file, Outlook will enlist all the recent documents that you have worked with or saved. These files can be present locally or can be present in network locations like One Drive, SharePoint or Group files. By default, the attachments that have been sent can be edited by the recipient, but the sender can change the permissions when necessary.​
1.pngBy default, the attachments that have been sent can be edited by the recipient, but the sender can change the permissions when necessary.

8.png3. Sort Low Priority Messages With Clutter This all-new feature in Outlook 2016 enables the users to sort all the emails in their Inbox that have low priority. The Clutter performs analysis of all your mails and on the basis of your past activities, assigns low priority to the emails that you will ignore. These sorted messages are then automatically moved to a folder named as Clutter. These emails can be viewed anytime in the future.

3.pngNote: In case, the users do not have Office 365 subscription, then they will not be able to access the Clutter feature.

4. Groups Instead Of Distribution Lists - Outlook 2016 has brought with it the option of creating Groups instead of creating distribution lists. With the help of these Groups, you can easily collaborate and communicate with your colleagues. 5.pngThere are various advantages of creating Groups in Outlook. Some of them are:
  • They can be easily created and can be used to work with your colleagues by organizing them for conversations.
  • They will enable the users to have a shared place for all the conversations and history of all the conversations that have been done in the past.
  • The group can be added as a favorite in a similar manner a folder can. This enables the users to access the complete conversation history when they are not available online.
  • The users can create meetings in the group calendar that can be updated by anyone in the group.
  • The members of the group can be added or removed anytime when required.
5. Improved Search - Outlook 2016 comes enabled with an improved and more efficient email search feature. The performance of this feature has been improved and you can effortlessly search for the emails in your local machine as well as across networks like Exchange 16 Server and Office 365 mailbox. Outlook 2016 makes the job of searching the emails easier for users by suggesting the keywords and people on the basis of the content store in the user mailbox.

6. Tell Me What You Want To Do - This feature in Outlook 2016 saves the time of the users by automatically listing the function the user wants to work with. This saves the overall time of the user that would have been consumed in searching the specific function separately. Just typing the name of the function you are looking for in the Tell me what you want to do box, will display all the searches related to it. With every keystroke, the user search will get refined and the user and choose the desired function. The users can also read more information on the selected function by the help topics.
4.pngTyping Print in the Tell me… box, will display all the commands related to Print command.

5.png7. Responsive Design For Tablets - Outlook 2016 has come up with the feature of tablet rotation support that will be very beneficial for the Tab users. When the user will switch the tab in the portrait mode, Outlook 2016 will show all the emails by fitting them to the size of the width of the tab.
7.png8. Additional Sync Slider Options - When the users desire to cache only a particular count of mails from Exchange or IMAP account, with Outlook 2016, they will get the option to cache mails of 3 days, 1 week or 2 weeks. This proves to be beneficial for those users who use a device with limited storage.

9.png9. EAI (Email Address Internationalization) - This is a new feature in Outlook 2016 that gives the user facility to send and receive mails from any email address, regardless of the language in which the email address is written. The International Addresses work in the same way as the English email addresses, so composing, and sending the emails in the same way.

Gear Up & Upgrade Your Outlook-
What are you still waiting for? In case you have still not upgraded to Outlook 2016, then its high time folks. Upgrade your Outlook and enjoy its all the new and updated features.

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