Droid/Android smart phone by Motorola - start of a new future

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Droid is not just a new Android smart phone, rather its the new starting for Motorola's smart-phone and Google's Android.

Here I will be explaining why droid is starting of a new future by comparing other platforms present today in mobile industry.

There was a time when J2ME was supposed to be the only and most widely used in mobile phones for application and game development and still it is. But the limitations it brings with it, makes it hard to do alot of stuff which one can do in Symbian, Windows Mobile, or Apple's OS.

I have talked about Java ME, now lets talk about Symbian, its in market for a long time and developers get control of the mobile device using it and they can do anything using it, but its the most immature structure and very complex. One has to really get alot of time to master it.

Apple and windows mobile have their own world but to use any of this, you are bound and struck in a technology which is not universal.

Now here comes the Android, It has achieved so much in a short period of time,which others have after a long time. Why so, its easy to learn, its follows standards, its open-sourced, its java like and most of all its not rocket science yet you have all the control of the device and any application you built on it.

Droid 2 is loaded with features which are not less then any smart-phone today in market. It's the future and why not be, Google is behind it, remember the time when absence came in market? Now it's most used service for online advertising. Here we has a operating system which has come after all others and keeping all the good features of others along with adding others deficiencies into its qualities.

Guys lets start developing in Android, its the future.


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