An Experts Exchange Shortcut for the Truly Lazy

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Martin Liss
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Do you come here a lot? Are you lazy like me and don't want to go through the "trouble" of having to click your Dock's Safari icon and then having to click your Experts Exchange Favorites bookmark to get here? Well then this article is for you.
The picture above shows a portion of my Dock and you'll note that pretty much in the middle is an Experts Exchange icon. When I want to go to Experts Exchange all I need to do is click it and I'm taken directly there. If you'd like to be able to do the same here's how.

Go to your Utilities folder and open the Script Editor. Once there create a new file and paste in this AppleScript code.
set theURL to "http://www.experts-exchange.com/searchResults.jsp?searchId=92962"

tell application "Safari"
		tell window 1 to set current tab to make new tab with properties {URL:theURL}
	on error
		open location theURL
	end try
end tell

Open in new window

The code tells Safari to activate and to create a tab for the URL that appears in the first line of the code. If Safari isn't open it will open it and create a tab for EE, otherwise it will just add a new tab for EE. It's important to note that the URL contains a reference to a searchId which, for me, opens EE to one of my saved searches. If you'd like to do the same thing, just change the searchId to one of yours. Otherwise just use "http://www.experts-exchange.com" as the URL. 

Once you've tested the script and you're happy with it, give it a name like Open EE and then File|Export, set the File Format to Application and save it anywhere you like. You can now drag the application to your Dock and use it as is, but if you do you it will look like this.
AppleScript_default_icon.jpgIf you'd like the application to show something more visually meaningful you can use my png file or any other png file of appropriate size. I found that 207x207 pixels was about right.  To use mine, click on the following image and then do File|Save As in your browser.EE.pngTo add the icon to your new application, right click on it in Finder and then click Get Info. Then if the displayed info is locked (you can tell by looking in the lower right-hand corner), click on the lock and enter your password. After that just drag your icon over the default icon in the upper left-hand corner, close the info, and you're done!
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Author:Martin Liss
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