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Productive Gesture Control For Synaptics TouchPad equipped Systems

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Most people using laptop prefer to use USB mouse for convenience rather than touch pad

Most laptop users avoid using Touch pad, many more reasons like inconsistency and  hassle finger movement on touch pad surface., for new user its takes more seconds than normal to point of selected area, selecting text from documents, etc...

But when traveling, the external mouse is not comfort ever as per my experience

Other people use keyboard shortcuts to perform operation, and some times it requires two hands on keyboard while working with shortcuts

People suffering from these common issues don't need to worry about, thanks to scrybe's gesture control technology.

Human mind can easily remember gesture symbols like drawing alphabet "y" using touch pad will open direct "www.yahoo.com".

Scrybe a new free utility from Synaptics allows users having Synaptics touchpads capable of multi-touch functionality to quickly perform common tasks using simple, easy-to-remember customizable gestures.

Users have simply need to draw a symbol which performs pre-configured action or user defined action.

These actions like opening browse Internet, launch applications, initiate searches with selected text, control media-players, rotate/crop/tag images and perform common windows system tasks by simply drawing symbols on their Touch Pad.

features and availability
Free of charge avail for system with synaptics touch pad....

Supports xp, vista, 7

Just draw symbol and access any application defined...

Also u can use predefined symbol for standard function like cut/copy/paste, text select function while surfing internet.

I will provide u some basic steps of installing this application

submit basic information and download: http://www.uscrybe.com/download.html
after downloading, also u need internet to install this application
this application supports most Microsoft operation system (xp,vista,7)
after installation the default key for activating this application is "crtl+shift"
For example press crtl+shift and draw like up arrow in touch pad to access some application

You can also find video tutorials at: http://www.uscrybe.com/use.html
Check the link for more info about scribe: http://www.uscrybe.com/index.html

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