Work Over Net 'WON' 2010

Work Over Net is a new and very powerful collaboration product. With its new easy interface it is becoming very competitive to other similar products like webex and office interactive. WON 2010 have the standard business tools needed for multi-office businesses, it is not specialized for IT companies like most of collaboration systems are, it has an everyday tool for every employee in any company.

As I mentioned before it has a very simple and friendly user interface, WON 2010 creators have aimed to simplify their product so even grannies can use it without the need for prior education time. That is very helpful when you have a company with thousands of employees, imagine buying a product that you need to provide an education for every person in the company to use it. Most collaboration systems are very complicated that even I need some time to learn work with it. This one is very similar to windows interface.

What WON 2010 offers?

Work Over Net 2010 have the standard tools any company need, it is a very good intranet software a company can install. You have document Manager, Announcements application, Projects Manager, Calendar, Internal Messaging System, Address Book, Forum, Full text search, Real time Chat and a To-Do List. As an Administrator you can go to administration panel, make groups and add new  users, view and edit everything in the system. Users can change their profiles, language and look of their interface, passwords and define the link for their email server.

Private, Groups or Public are levels you can share your data with others, for example every document or an event you put in the system you can define if it is public or for a special group or even a private data. You can be a member of various groups in the same time. Projects can be assigned for groups, tasks for individuals. Documents can be organized in folders, you can mark a whole folder as private or you can mark individual documents.

WON 2010 Applications

Dashboard is the first page you open when you log-in the system, it shows you this month calendar, today's events, Announcements for your groups, Last ten tasks assigned for you and how many unread messages you have.

Document Manager is a very powerful application for document management, you can create folders, share them with groups or publicly, or even simply mark them as private, upload pictures, multimedia, documents or any file you want. Every document you delete goes to recycle bin, every document can be send to other user as an attachment. The feel and look of document manager is made as simple as any explorer on your desktop.

Announcements is everything you need when you want to make an announcement in your company, you can specify a date when it will expire, a group to announce for, public or private. You can see your announcements, expired and other announcements for your group.

Projects Manager is one basic application in WON 2010, create projects, assign people on it, add tasks and assign them individually for one or more users. Tasks can be putted in to-do list, you can define priorities, track the development by work-logs, attach files to the task or to a certain work-log. You can assign tasks by messaging system or directly in the projects manager.

Calendar is not just an event manager, you have a day view, month and your view. Add events, mark when they finish, specify the time, specify a system reminder to remind you 15, 30 or 60 minutes before, one or seven days before. Provide a description and level of the event, if it is public, for some groups or private. In day view you see events of that day and next day and in the current month.

Internal messaging system, if you are tired from sending email for your clients, employees and partners, everyone have its own mail client, setting outlook on every computer. This is an universal solution for your communications for your business, have an everything in one place, create groups, send messages created by WYSIWYG editor. Send attachments or documents from the document manager, and have everything saved in history. Search your messaging system easily. Even deleted messages are in trash you can restore them anytime.

Address Book, have all your contacts in one place. Sort them by name, surname or company, show all contacts starting with a specific letter, search them easily. Skype people directly from contacts list. Insert all data you need about a contact, business, private, pictures, birthdays and more. Compatible with Outlook contacts.

Forum is a very simple forum application, you can also use group permissions on it, have discussions in the same WON 2010 system, no need for external forums installed. Easy full text search, support your clients and have your data safe.

Chat, need a real-time chat with your colleges? Use then this chat AJAX powerful system, with WYSIWYG editor, invite people and have an one-on-one chat. Send attachments or send links. Have all chats in one place, no need to get lost with multiple windows or popup.

Task Manager «Your To-Do list», this is a fast and simple private task-manager, no need to use the project manager for every task, have it in your private list. One click from anywhere you see your tasks, one click and you delete it from the list when done. Easy to use, three levels of importance, different color for every level.

Who is Online, with one click you see who is online, offline or away on the system, even if you are not using your browser with the stand-alone WON 2010 you are available. It runs in the background so no need to have the browser open all the time.

Stand-alone component, the most powerful thing in WON 2010 which makes it different than others that it can work in stand-alone mode, when you log in you're Operating System you can be logged in on WON 2010 without the need to open any web browsers. You have full functionality with stand-alone or browser mode. The two modes come together, if you have separate WON 2010 systems, you can use them in the same time without conflicting one another.

Administration and permissions, most similar systems have too much and they are complex, in WON 2010 you can use some and leave some. You can make groups, for example clients, development department, marketing department, partners and so on..
Unlimited number of groups, every user can be in multiple groups in the same time. You can provide different access levels, for example clients do not need calendar, project manager, address book and other application. So give them access to what they need only. You can also give access to view some application but not edit in them.

Languages, you can choose the language you want to use, every user can have its own choice, WON 2010 will support multiple languages, starting with English, Bosnian and German. They are working on other languages like Arabic, Spanish and Italian. If you need they can support any language on the system, just ask for.


A very important issue in all collaboration systems are security, how secure your data is? With WON 2010 you have a high security, no one can deletes any document from the system or any data. You can delete data from the interface but they are still in the database and on the server. WON 2010 is written in a special secure scripting language, WhizBase which provides a very high security for web applications. The only thing you need to work on is your server security, if your server is in your office and have a good fire-walls then you can run a bank on WON 2010.

In Market
WON 2010 is not yet on market, it will be launched in multiple languages in the middle of 2010. All information can be gained on WON 2010 can be bought or rented, flexible and cheap prices with full 24/7 support.

For more information email me at: NurAzije [at] Gmail [dot] com Or visit WhizBase official site at

NurAzije is a PHP and WhizBase programmer, who at the time of article publication is working in partnership with WhizBase on several projects.

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