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If you are like regular user of computer nowadays, a good bet that your home computer is on right now, all exposed to world of Internet to be exploited by somebody you do not know and you never will. Internet security issues has been getting worse day by day. Finding a good firewall program without shelling out pocket full of money is even tougher.

I am all about free program. Free as "FREE BEER". I came across a Firewall program couple months ago, which is free but very much effective.

Comodo Personal Firewall is a firewall for free. Despite of the free-of-charge fact, it has some features that far exceeds any commercial firewall products in the market: It includes a Memory Firewall which allows you to switch between different configuration on the fly. And it supports automatic updates for behaviour checking.

This program might not be a suitable choice for a computer novice or just an ordinary user. The pop-up window alert displays way too frequently and lets you know what's happening. Doing a very simple installation of any program might end up with quite a few mouse clicks. If security is very important to you and you can get past the clicks, then this is one program you wont regret.
I have been testing it for last two months and i am very much impressed with its capability. It gives you load of tweaking options so you can train it the way you prefer. We often overlook the firewall part and get busy with anti-virus programs, but the truth of the matter is, firewall protection is the #1 protection you must take care before you even go online with your computer.

You can download by clicking the link below:
Comodo Personal Firewall

Things I Like :
Unlike other free firewalls, Comodo includes an Automatic Update option. That is one less thing to remind myself. Comodo's Defense+ HIPS performance is comparably fast than others. Memory firewall lets me switch between different security modes with click of a button. During installation it gives you option to change your DNS address to Comodo SecureDNS, which is a good idea to prevent from DNS spoofing attacks.

Things I Do Not Like :
Too frequent pop-up alert, asking for permission. But it does gives you option to Block/Allow/Trust etc.. You can switch to notifs instead ("Balloon Messages") to get less nagged, but that is not preventing anything.
And it's a bit heavy on the memory usage.

Despite of the Cons, I believe Comodo Personal Firewall is a very good option of you do not want to spend too much money but still have the protection your computer needs.
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