Having email replies sent to more than one address

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Ever had a time when you really want the recipient of your email to send their response to more than one email address? Maybe you were organising a family holiday and wanted the travel agent to email both you and your partner? Or you were travelling and needed a reply to go to both your main email address and a webmail service like Hotmail? Well, Outlook makes it surprisingly easy to do this.

First thing: when composing your email, don't cc your other email addresses in the hope that the recipient will hit Reply to All. There are no guarantees this will work and you'll just clutter up other mailboxes unnecessarily.

Second thing: when composing your email, do press the Options button and then enter the email addresses where you would like to receive the reply in the Have replies sent to: box. Separate each email address with a semi-colon (;) and then click Close.

Now, irrespective of whether the recipient presses Reply or Reply to All, all of the email addresses you specified in the Have replies sent to: box will appear in the To... line of the responder's email.
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