Exchange 2010 Deployment Assistant

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A lot of question are coming up for administrators who are migrating to Exchange 2010 and there is a lot of confusion out on the web, Microsoft have finally released their first deployment assistant to overcome the hurdle some of you administrators are facing when looking into upgrading to Exchange 2010.

The guide is applicable to all those who are doing a migration from Exchange 2003 / 2007 to Exchange 2010, The guide is based on a few questions depending on your answers it will provide you with the instructions which are applicable to your org during the transition to 2010.

The guide helps IT Administrators perform a successful Exchange 2010 migration with minimal misconfiguration, I have so far proofed and tested this and I must admit the guide is extremely user friendly and guides you step by step, the wording is also very clear (MS have never been great at naming but have put a lot of thought into this deployment assistant).

The deployment assistance can be viewed at:


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